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Mr. Coffee DW13 12 Cup Black Switch

Have up to 12 cups of freshly brewed warm coffee in the morning with Mr. Coffee’s DW13 (12-cup switch black coffee maker model). This model is quite easy and straightforward to use compared to others.

It requires no extra understanding or study of advanced brewing technologies. Simply fill up the water reservoir and then place your coffee grounds. You’ll be enjoying that invigorating cup of joe in no time.

Key features

- This model contains a brew basket, which allows for fast and easy-to-do cleaning.
- The Pause n’ Serve function lets you have a cup even when the brew cycle is yet finished.
- The machine is easy to operate and shuts down with its on/off indicator light.
- The water level is indicated with dual water windows.
- The water filtration system takes out 97 percent of the chlorine that may be contained in your water.
- Cord storage makes keeping the device easy by setting aside the cord without messing up the countertop.


This model is very quick and easy to use. The Pause ‘n Serve function lets you enjoy a cup while you wait for the rest to brew. The black color also goes well with any kind of kitchen setup or design. It also doesn’t fade or become dirty easily.

Twelve cups is a suitable amount for a small household or a busy coffee drinker. Another advantage to using this coffee maker is the water filtration systen that targets chlorine specifically. There are also no confusing programmable features to set. The carafe is easy to pour from.


Size is rather bulky and not compact enough for some. There are also no extra features like a clock or LCD display of your coffee process, as well as no self-cleaning cycle feature unlike other more advanced models. Coffee cannot be prepared earlier beforehand. The coffee maker must be manually set in the same day.

- simple and straightforward machine
- quantity of coffee is not too large or too little
- water reservoir accurately indicates the amount prepared
- warming plate is stain-resistant, making cleaning easier
- cord storage lessens the space consumed by the machine overall
- filter basket is easy to operate and clean

- size is not compact enough for some
- no pre-set programmed features
- no clock display or extra LCD
- no special brewing technologies applied (a disadvantage if you’re after a specific coffee taste)
- no self cleaning cycle option unlike other models

This model is simple to use and no different from the DW12 white model. Check for price differences between the two and opt for the lower priced one if you are strained by a budget. The sleek design is perfect for anyone living alone in his or her own bachelor/bachelorette pad.

If you can wait a bit for your coffee and need time to cook while it brews, then this straightforward Mr. Coffee model is for you. Start enjoying coffee by having this brewer.

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Apr 14, 2010
some complaints...
by: Val

I registered for this coffee pot at Target before my wedding three years ago. The coffee pot fit in with both my kitchen's color scheme and the design of the other appliances. I was especially excited that after years of only making coffee for one in a four cup coffee pot I would be able to make more cups of coffee.

It makes a good cup of coffee but there are some drawbacks. After a few weeks of use, the paint on the warming plate began to chip off. It is very difficult to clean as more and more paint seems to break away each time. This has caused the bottom of the coffee pot to look like it is burnt. I was unable to return the coffee pot and I did not have a warranty.

Another complaint I have is that the cord is too short, I have had it in two kitchens and it has been difficult to make it reach in both. The reservoir is also hard to clean. In addition, it takes very long time to warm the coffee.

After a sleepless night with an infant however, the only thing that matters is that the coffee makes it into the pot. It is just a minor setback having to warm my cup of coffee in the microwave before I drink it. Mr. Coffee is a well known brand and my family has always used it, but I am not sure that I would purchase it again the next time around.

Mar 25, 2009
Mr. Coffee brand is wonderful
by: Amber

We are coffee lovers in our house. When coming to our home you can be assure that you will always find a fresh pot of coffee.

Over the years we have tried many different brands of coffee makers. Many of them did not make the cut and ended up in the yard sales.
However the Mr. Coffee brand is wonderful. We currently are using the 12 cup switch model. It's silver panel goes perfectly with our stainless steal appliances.

This model has a timer on it so you can set it before you go to bed and have your coffee freshly brewed and waiting for you when you stumble into the kitchen.

One of the functions that we like about this model is the fact that if it's still brewing you can remove the pot from the base and it will stop brewing until the pot is replaced to the pot. No more worries of making a coffee mess when you just can't wait for the coffee to be completely brewed.

There is also no more guessing when adding water. On the side you will find a metering system that shows you just how much water you have put in. For example if you only want to make two cups of coffee you can see exactly when you have put in two cups worth of water. I love this option. Now for us we go twelve cups all of the time. But still just knowing that you do have the option of deciding is really great.

I would recommend this product to others.

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