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Mr. Coffee DRX5 4 cup programmable coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee's DRX-5, programmable coffee maker - black, is a stylish little brewer that can brew up to four cups per batch and comes with useful features like Pause n' Serve and removable filter baskets.

Key features

- One of the key features of the DRX-5 is the Pause n' Serve option, which allows you to have a good cup of coffee even if the coffee is still in the middle of the brewing cycle.
- The removable filter lifts out of the brew basket for easy cleaning.
- The 2-hour auto shut off keeps the machine running for a couple of hours before it shuts off automatically.
- The delay brew feature lets you set when you want the machine to start running so you have the option of waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee early in the morning.
- Dual water windows let you see how much water is left and how much water needs to be replaced.
- The Stay Cool handle makes handling the decanter easy because it doesn't turn hot after brewing.
- The stain-resistant warming plate keeps the pot of coffee hot and is very easy to clean.
- The On/Off indicator lights tell you if the machine is working still or not.
- Cord storage helps you keep the kitchen countertop neat by providing storage for excess electrical wiring when the machine is not in use.


This machine is very handy for dorm rooms and small apartments. With its small size, it is perfect anywhere space is limited. For a small coffeemaker, it produces pretty good coffee. There is no waste of good coffee because it produces up to four cups per batch.

Aside from being affordable, the DRX-5 is small and easy to clean, does not give a burnt taste to the coffee even if it sits on the warmer for a while. It also brews coffee well.


There are some parts of the machine that break apart earlier than others. The decanter handle tends to be one of the weakest parts of the machine. In most cases, it wears off after six months.

- makes great-tasting coffee fast
- small and easy to store
- useful features like the Pause n' Serve and the Stay Cool handles
- no spills because of the drip-free pouring spout
- timer is also a great addition to this machine (Most 4-cup coffeemakers do not come with a timer feature.)
- four-cup capacity reduces the amount of coffee wasted
- the indicator light tells you if the machine is on or not, even from a distance
- clock is handy for those who want a coffee maker right next to their office desk

- cheaply made, parts tend to fall off after months of use
- some users complain that it takes longer for this coffee maker to make four cups of coffee compared to 12-cup coffee makers
- clock on the front tends to lose a couple of minutes per day in some units, so one needs to frequently check if the clock needs to be reset

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Dec 07, 2011
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Sep 25, 2011
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Filters
by: Christine

I find the 4-cup basket filters at Safeway and sometimes other grocery stores. Just ask your local store to stock it.

May 08, 2010
About what you'd expect for the price.
by: Anonymous

My old 4-cup coffee maker recently died and I needed to replace it in a hurry so I didn't do a lot of shopping around. I usually only drink 1-2 cups of coffee each day so I didn't want a full-sized coffee maker.

Things I like:

Brews two cups quickly.
Compact size.
Black color looks good with my kitchen.
Low price.

Things I don't like:

The 1-hour automatic shutoff is too short for me.
The only small filters I can find are cone shaped which is an awkward fit for the flat-bottomed basket.
The lid over where you pour in water is hard to operate with one hand and tends to flop closed on its own.
The measurement for a "cup" is fairly small. I need to make 3 "cups" according to the marks on the carafe to fill one regular sized coffee mug. That means I can't make enough for 2 cups at a time.

Bottom line: It's functional but I'm going to keep shopping.

Apr 14, 2010
why i like it....
by: Mickey

My wife and I recently moved from the midwest, to the southwest. Rather than looking for another coffee maker in our new hometown, we decided to bring our own trusted and proven Mr. Coffee maker!!

We have found the Model DRX5 Mr. Coffee maker to be superb for our needs, and here is why:

1. It makes 4 cups at time!! Using a small glass coffee pot that is easy clean, it makes enough coffee for my wife and I.

2. It has a convenient timer feature. This allows you to set the time of day you wish your coffee to brew. What I like to do is set the timer the night before so the coffee is brewing when we wake up!! To me there is nothing nicer than wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Even as crabby as my wife can be in the morning, having fresh coffee brewing before you wake up makes her feel better too.

3. It is easy to clean. I usually just run some white vinegar and water through it or just plain water.

4. It is rugged and dependable. As I said earlier here, we had that shipped in a moving van all the way from the midwest. It held up well!

5 It has a cool look to it. We bought the black style with a clock timer easy to see.

6. It was really inexpensive, so I bought 2 of them. For a while I had both hooked up, one for decaf and one for regular, but my wife thought that looked stupid, so I had to store the other one away.

7. It has a coffee holder that allows to use paper filters or reusable ss steel screen filters. I've used both and it works out great.

8. It is nice an compact. You can store it easy on the kitchen counter without eating up alot of space.

9. Really easy to set and operate. Just the way I like it. I hate complicated appliances!

So that is my review of the Mr. Coffee maker.. Just a plain old,simple, easy to operate.

Mar 25, 2009
Delivers a consistent cup of coffee
by: Patrick Milligan

I bought the Mr. Coffee DRX5 from Amazon.com for about $25. I've had it for about one year, which makes it a long-lived coffeemaker in my house.

We seem to have a coffeemaker curse, which dooms our machines to die within a year, no matter how expensive or high quality the brand name is supposed to be. I found out recently that this is because we have hard water.

Anyway, the Mr. Coffee DRX5 seems to have no problems handling the hard water so far, and it performs beautifully. It is a 4-cup coffeemaker, which is about exactly what I need, being the only coffee drinker in my household.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that a coffeemaker in this entry-level price range would have a programmable "Delay Brew", which is excellent.

One way that the coffeemaker pulls through, in my book, is by delivering a consistent cup of coffee. It is pretty much the same, the way I like it, every day.

I have just two minor complaints about the DRX5. One, the 1-hour shut off timer. This would be a convenience for most people, but I work from a home office, and sometimes I like to have my coffee hot for a couple of hours or more at a time.

The only other problem (not exclusive to the DRX5) is that the coffee filters for a 4-cup coffeemaker are usually MORE expensive than the big filters in my area. I have no idea why this is.

In all, the Mr. Coffee DRX5 is an excellent coffeemaker for a couple or a solo coffee drinker on a tight budget, and it has functioned wonderfully for a full year in my house.

Dec 08, 2008
where to find filters
by: Sue

I am trying to find paper filters for this coffee pot and am having no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to where I can purchase. Thanks

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