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Mr Coffee DRTX85 8-Cup, Black, Thermal Programmable

The Coffee Maker, 8-Cup, Black, Thermal Programmable - DRTX85 is an 8-cup coffeemaker with a programmable display that comes with the brew –pause feature. This coffee maker is perfect for a family or household who has lots of coffee-drinking members.

Key features

- The double-wall stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee warm even after the machine has stopped brewing.
- The stain-resistant warming plate is perfect for spills.
- The two-hour automatic shut-off warms the coffee for two hours and then automatically shuts off.
- The removable filter basket can be easily lifted up and removed for rinsing.
- Dual water level windows allow for accurate reading of the water level so that you can determine how much water to put in.
- You can keep the countertop free from electrical wires by storing excess electrical cord in the cord storage compartment.
- Pause and Serve function allows you to have your coffee even before the machine has stopped brewing.
- The stainless steel accent is perfect for those who want a stylish and sleek design for their coffee maker.


The auto shut off feature is pretty, handy, and the LED is easy to read. The thermal carafe is also effective at keeping the coffee warm for hours at a time. The simple push-button controls are perfect for those who do not like complicated screws and knobs.

The timer function allows you to program the coffee maker to brew for a specified time so that you can wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. The Pause ‘n Serve function is instantly activated when you remove the carafe from the coffee maker and resumes brewing when you slide the carafe back in.


There are a few complaints with the thermal carafe. In some cases, users need to add hot water to the carafe to keep it hot for longer, and the screw-on top of the canister is pretty inconvenient to use and at times is difficult to open. There are leaks between the plastic and metal parts of the carafe.

The coffee filter basket tends to dribble some coffee grounds when it is taken out and if you do not put the carafe exactly right under the spigot, you may see coffee dribbling down the side of the carafe and onto the warming plate.

The unit is pretty large for a kitchen with small countertops. It also tends to stop without finishing brewing cycles after several months of use, according to the experience of some users.

- Auto shut off feature and lighted displays are very handy
- Thermal carafe very effective at keeping the coffee warm for two to three hours
- Simple button controls and the programmable features are perfect for those who want coffee ready in the morning

- Screw on top is pretty hard to use and can be problematic for arthritic hands
- The carafe tends to leak between the plastic and metal parts
- Dribbling occurs if you don’t position the carafe exactly right under the spigot
- The unit is large for its capacity

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Apr 17, 2011
Brews Cold
by: Anonymous

I have owned this coffee maker for over a year now. It does not brew hot and it is very difficult to clean.

Dec 20, 2010
Suits the household perfectly
by: Anonymous

- Perfect for time management
- Coffee Tastes great at all times

- Wrong Programming can create a mess
- Once the programming fails the machine is a challenge to handle

This coffee maker suits the household perfectly specially if everyone has to leave pretty much around the same time. Its very simple to program once it is understood. We can set up the timer and wake up to nice fresh hot cup of coffee. The best thing about this coffee maker is the thermal coffee mug which keeps the coffee fresh and warm without giving it a burnt taste. The Coffee maker lasts a long time when its maintained and cleaned at regular intervals. Its a easy cleanup and is not messy at all. The coffee maker has various setting for different brew strength and gives a perfect cup of coffee at all times. We have been using this coffee machine for almost 3 years and the coffee never tasted stale or burnt anytime.

Dec 03, 2010
Very poor on/off switch
by: Anonymous

We bought our first one 7 months ago. Three months later the switch went bad. Mr. Coffee replaced it but told us one replacement only. This morning the switch went bad on the replacement. I will not buy another one.

Apr 13, 2010
very happy!
by: Kate

I received this coffee maker for my high school graduation from a teacher than knew I loved coffee in the mornings. (I saw the same model for sale in Target for about $10 which is a pretty good buy) I love it not only because it was a special gift, but also for the past 3 years it has served me well in college.

It's small enough to take with me to college when I move in during the fall and it's very useful. It doesn't take up a lot of space like some bulky coffee makers and it's perfect if you only need to make coffee just for yourself. Highly recommended for college students as it not only does a good job of making a good cup of joe, but also useful for warming up water for instant ramen/macaroni or providing a neat little hot plate to warm up stuff when I didn't have a stove or microwave.

It's still going strong and has never given me any problems so far compared to some of the other coffee makers my family has had. The brew basket easily comes off for easy cleaning and there's a cord storage place to keep the cord nice and neat when you don't need it out. The water reservoir is pretty wide and easy to fill as well and doesn't make as much spillage as some of the other coffee makers I've used before, where the reservoir is so tiny water gets all over the place.

The coffee maker is also durable and I've dropped it several times on occasion while moving and it still works fine. My family uses the bigger, somewhat more advanced coffee makers but this little coffee maker is pretty comparable and does the same job just as well and it's much easier to fill up and use.

I highly recommend this coffee maker; although it's cheap, it's one of the best coffee makers out there.

Jan 06, 2009
The carafe keeps the flavor fresh
by: Jason Alexander

I own a Mr Coffee model DRTX85. It was given to me as a birthday replacing the Walmart brand coffee pot I had used for the past year.

The coffee it makes is no better than any other coffee pot I ever had but it has many redeeming features. Possibly my favorite is that it comes with a carafe. The carafe means the coffee doesn't have to be kept warm after having been brewed. Keeping the coffee warm always ends up ruining the flavor so a half hour after brewing the coffee for me is ruined. However with the carafe providing insulation the coffee is drinkable for several hours.

My next favorite feature is that the coffee maker can be set to brew in the future. So at night I can set up the coffee and water and then select the time I want the coffee to brew in the morning. I then push the delay brew button and the coffee will begin at that time the next morning. The only drawback to this feature is the delay brew button. Once it is pushed it cannot be reset. So if I accidently select this feature for the wrong time the only way to fix it is to unplug the coffee pot and reset the time, delay brew time and then hit delay brew again.

The other feature that the packaging feels separates it from its competitors is the cord storage. There is a area in the coffee pot to place the cord when it's not being used. I really have no use for this feature since I always leave it plugged in. I do like that this area is included and if I didn't use it everyday I would definitely not leave out all the time and would wind the cord up when putting it away.

Nov 13, 2008
two great features
by: Anonymous

This coffeemaker has two incredible features. The carafe is a thermos. You run a little bit of hot water in before you make your coffee and it stays warm for hours. I also love that is programmable. I can get the coffee ready the night before, set the timer and have my coffee hot and ready when I wake up.

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