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Mr. Coffee DR13 Switch 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Switch, Black - DR13 is a 12-cup switch coffee maker that comes with a removable filter basket and the Pause n? Serve feature that is activated when you remove the carafe from the machine.

Key features

- Removable filter basket can be lifted out when it?s time for cleaning.
- Capable of churning out 12 cups of coffee per batch.
- Brewing Pause n? Serve feature lets you enjoy a good cup of coffee even if the coffee maker has not stopped the brewing cycle.
- On/Off indicator lets you know if the machine is turned on or off.
- Dual water marker lets you know how much water is left inside the reservoir.
- Easy cleaning of the stain-resistant warming plate.
- Keep your countertops neat with cord storage.
- Comes with 25 coffee filters and a coffee scoop.


This model is designed to be used with cone-type filters or the standard round filters that are easy to find. It comes with 25 free coffee filters so you won?t have to worry about buying filters for some time. The features are very useful, especially the dual water marker that allows you to determine how much water is needed to put in.

Other useful features include the on/off indicator, and the stain-resistant warming plate, especially since the machine tends to drip. The cord storage feature is very handy since the model is quite large. The cord storage allows it to be stored neatly in its space on the countertop.


There?s no auto shut off feature so this may not be the choice coffee maker for those who tend to forget shutting their coffee maker off. It also tends to make a mess due to spills from the carafe. The valve that is supposed to keep the coffee from flowing when you remove the carafe from the machine also does not work half the time so you end up with coffee spills on the warming plate.

The cone and the round filters also tend to fold, which lets coffee grounds get into the pot. The machine is also big. It is normal for a 12-cup machine, but for those looking for an 8-cup machine or a smaller model to fit into a smaller countertop, this may not be the best coffee maker.

- Uses standard cone or regular round filters that are easy to find
- Comes with free 25 filters
- Dual water markers allow you to determine the amount of water you need to put in
- Cord storage feature makes storing the machine easier

- Does not come with auto-shut off, which may not make it the best choice for those who frequently forget to turn off their coffee maker
- The valve on top of the carafe may not work and result to coffee dribbling onto the warming plate
- Cone and regular round filters often fold when in use and allow coffee grounds to spill inside the pot
- The machine is large and may not be the best choice for those looking for smaller coffee makers or units that make smaller batches

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