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Mr Coffee DR12 12 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Switch, White - DR12 is a coffeemaker that comes in a simple, easy-to-use design. Top features include the Brewing Pause n’ Serve and the auto shut off feature.

Key features

- The Brewing Pause n’ Serve is perfect for those who are in a hurry to get a cup of fresh coffee in the morning and cannot wait for the brewing cycle to finish. Once you pop the carafe back into the machine, the brewing cycle resumes.
- The removable filter basket allows you to lift out the brew basket for easy rinsing.
- Dual water windows show you how much water is in the reservoir so you know how much water you need to add.
- The stain-resistant warming plate is easy to clean.
- Cord storage feature allows you to keep the countertop neat when the washing machine is not in use.
- The on/off light with a switch lets you know if the machine is on or not.
- The auto shut off keeps the coffee warm for a few hours and then automatically turns off.


The Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Switch, White - DR12 is a basic coffeemaker but it is perfect for making less than five cups of coffee or a pot for many guests. Perfect for a small family, the coffee maker is easy to wash and is very durable for the price.

It is also good for making 2 to 3 pots of coffee per day. Replacement filters and carafes can be found in appliance stores. The Pause n’ Serve feature is activated once you remove the decanter from the machine.


The white finish tends to show stains fast, and the carafe is pretty hard to clean. The decanter is also a dribbler. You cannot pour a decent cup without spilling some onto the countertop. The auto shut off feature tends to fail.

Although it produces a good cup of coffee, it will not likely satisfy the palates of true coffee enthusiasts. The noise is also another issue when the machine is brewing. The noise gets louder the longer you use the machine. The machine also takes longer to brew the longer you use it.

- Sleek, stylish white design
- Easy to clean filters and filter basket
- The warming plate is stain-resistant so cleaning is not very problematic
- Its capacity makes it perfect for a small family
- Can make up to 2 to 3 pots of coffee per day
- Produces good coffee

- The body of the coffee maker comes with a white finish which easily stains
- The carafe has a small opening and is hard to clean
- Pouring the carafe is also very tricky because it tends to spill coffee
- The machine tends to get a little bit noisy the longer you use the coffee maker
- Produces good coffee, but not great coffee that will satisfy most coffee enthusiasts
- The machine takes longer to brew the more you use the coffee maker

Comments for Mr Coffee DR12 12 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

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Oct 04, 2014
great coffee maker ever NEW
by: alvin

I have had lots of makers for along time but nothing like this one

Jun 09, 2012
noisy and drippy
by: Anonymous

I could easily fit my old Mr. Coffee under my cabinets. The lid on this one flips up way too high, so I have to pull it out on the counter to fill w/water. Water also traps in the lid and goes back into machine when you lift lid. Canister spills coffee. Very slow and noisy, but the coffee is hot. My old one lasted 20 years. I would prefer another one of the old models. Someone was asleep when they designed this model.Bringing it back. Too bad, I was hoping it would work out.

Apr 14, 2010
simple but great
by: Emily

While the DR12 is a very basic model, it serves the coffee drinking needs of my boyfriend and I very well. We purchased it at a local Fred Meyer store where it was on sale for an extremely low price (though I can't remember exactly how much it was).

It is very simple to use and I am able to make just a cup or two for myself or a whole pot for guests. I have a stove top espresso maker that I will whip out when I'm feeling fancy, but the DR12 is quick and easy when my boyfriend and I need to get our caffeine fix fast!

We have been using the coffee maker for many, many months and have not had a single problem with it. It brews a strong, well-balanced cup of coffee from the beans we grind ourselves at home.

The only complaints I have are that the product is white and thus shows coffee stains on it easily, and the water tank is a bit difficult to clean. Otherwise, this is a great little machine and it was an excellent value.

If we decide to upgrade to a model with more features and options, we will definitely consider a Mr Coffee machine first.

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