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Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Model #: NL5GTF2

I purchased this coffee maker from Sears almost 3 weeks ago. I bought it because my old Mr. Coffee coffee maker had suddenly stopped working for some reason.

This one caught my eye because it was very cheap and affordable and looked almost exactly like the coffee maker my friend has.

This coffee maker is convenient because it includes a cord storage area in the back of the coffee maker, which is nice if I have to move it to a different spot in my kitchen to make some more space for other appliances in my house.

Other good features included in this Mr. Coffee coffee maker are a nice and big lighted on and off switch right on the front of the device and a clear and easy to read water level indicator.

I really like the coffee that this coffee maker makes. I still prefer to get my coffee from Starbucks or McDonalds sometimes, but this coffee maker is a great alternative.

Additionally, this coffee maker is very small and doesn't take up a lot of space. I am considering purchasing another one of these to put in my office so I can get great coffee at work as well. This Mr. Coffee coffee maker is also very easy to clean.

I would definitely recommend this coffee maker to all of my family and friends if they ever need a new coffee maker or just a second one!

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