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Mr. Coffee Coffee Mill IDS55

This coffee grinder is small, so it doesn't take up alot of counter space. It also fits in my appliance cabinet very easily when not in use. This grinder is diot proof. You simply use the coffee measurement chart found in the operating manual.

Pour whatever amount of beans you want to grind for whatever amount of coffee you wish to brew directly in the grinding cup. You then place on the lid and press down. You can pour your ground beans directly from the lid.

I also like that the lid is clear and you can see that all the beans are being ground. This grinder is also easy to clean. I wash the lid with soap and water as it is not dishwasher safe.

That's ok with me. Then I just wipe out the blade area of the grinder with a paper towel. It did take me a few times to get the beans ground the way I like. I really don't like that the grinding unit get's kinda hot after each use. But by the time I clean the lid, wipe out the blade area, and the make coffee, I can then put the grinder away. We go to the lake alot.

So not being able to grind enough beans for 4 pots of coffee at a time is a negative. I genuinely like and use Mr. Coffee products. They seem to have all the features I look for in a coffee related appliance, and they are easy to use.

- The grinder takes only seconds to grind the beans.
- Grinds enough beans for a pot of coffee - 12 cups.

- Cannot grind beans for more than 4 pots of coffee at one time.
- The grinder has to cool after each use.

Rating: 4

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Mar 19, 2010
cleaning issues
by: Anonymous

Purchased it from my local Kmart about a year ago. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but a vegan, and I make my own Parmesan, and cheddar substitutes using nuts. To do this, I required a product that grinds seeds effectively and preferably without grinding a whole in my wallet. The Mr. Coffee IDS 55 is perfect for me. At under twenty bucks, this product allows you to grind seeds, nuts, and to blend them with nutritional yeast and/or herbs. This product is very simple to use. You simply insert nuts/seeds/beans into the machine, and place the lid on connecting the button to the sliding latch. When ready, you simply hold the button down until whatever you are grinding is to your desired consistency. Despite the fact that the Mr. Coffee is designed to grind, this machine is rather quiet, and takes up very, very little space. The only issues I have with the Mr. Coffee IDS 55 have to do with cleaning. Since the unit is just two pieces, the base which holds the seeds cannot be submerged into water as it is attached to the motor. A dry cloth or paper towel is supposed to do all of the work, and does practically do the job, however any moister within the seeds, beans, or nuts one grinds causes residue to stick in the corners of the plastic knob holding the blade in place. I can't for the life of me get this completely clean. In addition to this issue, the blade cannot be removed, and although the manual says that it will stay sharp for a lifetime, I can't see if the area beneath the blade is clean, and I risk cutting myself while cleaning the product. Despite the cleaning issues, i'd give it high marks

Nov 12, 2009
Easy to Use and Clean
by: Anonymous

- Grinds quickly
- Very simple to use

- Hard to clean
- Only grinds small amount at time

I have had my Mr. Coffee grinder for over five years now. It has really served me well. I go through periods where I use it every day. Then I get tired of the “daily grind” and grind in the store before buying.

Each time I go back to that grinder I expect it to not work. But it just keeps on chugging. This grinder is very simple to use. You just pour in desired beans, line up and close the lid, then press the only button down and hold to grind. You can take the lid off and check the beans, then continue grinding until they are the desired size.

The lid is very easy to clean. Just wash it with warm, soapy water. The machine itself is another story, however. I have been told not to get it wet because it could damage the blades or electronics. Since the blades are not detachable you have to push a paper towel around the base while dumping the grounds.

This gets annoying as it is hard to not cut yourself. I like that it is easy to keep grinding in this machine until you reach the desired consistency. But that also means that it is not consistent. Sometimes it is easier to grind a whole bag in the grocery store before you take it home. This Mr. Coffee grinder only grinds enough beans for a few cups of coffee at a time.

While this is supposed to be the freshest, best way to make coffee, I only notice a slight difference. I am not sure it makes that much of a difference to grind daily versus weekly. However, if you are looking for a blade grinder and you don’t mind eyeballing the consistency, this is a great, cheap grinder that will last you a good while.

If you are looking for a better quality or are really a fan, spring for a burr grinder. Just your average joe will appreciate the grinder. And in a pinch you can use it to turn sugar into powdered, confectioners sugar!

Oct 12, 2009
Outlasted Expectations
by: Anonymous

- Grinds fast
- Well built

- Noisy
- Doesn't have a setting for grind size, messy

4 out of 5

We have had this Mr. Coffee grinder for at least 5 years. It was left at the office when a co-worker switched companies. I brought it home and it has been a real work horse for our household. We grind up enough coffee to last a couple of days at a time because I hate the loud sound of the coffee grinder in the morning before I've had my first cup of coffee. That probably explains the “Noisy” in the Cons section above. I guess it is not any louder than any other coffee grinder we have had.

This grinder has a good strong motor that takes care of the coffee beans quickly. It does not bog down like our old one did at all. We have really been happy with this machine overall. It has worked well for quite a long time, as many small appliances seem to break down after a year or two.

I would love to find a grinder that has a setting to select the idea grind size for drip coffee makers – or coarse grind for the french press. I know there are commercial grinders out there with that feature. It is time to bring that to the consumer! The grinder has the average design for emptying out the ground coffee – dump it out. It is messy, as are the others we have had. That would be another great innovation for grinders to incorporate, some kind of dispenser system to eliminate the mess.

This grinder works well and has outlasted my expectations.

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