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Mr. Coffee CGX5 4 cup coffeemaker

This coffee maker makes only four cups of coffee, but its perfect for just me and my husband. We have had this coffee maker for a few years now, it was given to us as a Christmas gift. It works great and the coffee tastes good. I believe you can buy it at Walmart for around twenty dollars.

There doesn't seem to be any of the coffee grinds mixed in with the coffee either. I have had this problem a few times when I used to use the coffee machine at my old job (which I'm not sure of the brand name.) There is nothing fancy about this coffee maker, the only extra add-ons it has is that it has a delay on it and it tells the time.

It washes well in the washing machine. Although the only parts I wash is the part you put the coffee filter in and the actual coffee pot, but I haven't had anything crack. The coffee doesn't take long at all to brew and it always taste good when I make it.

We haven't had any other coffee pots in our home to compare it to because I really only became a coffee drinker about three years ago. But I definitely can suggest the Mr. Coffee to anyone that has only themselves and a spouse to make coffee for. Mr. Coffee is just a perfect size, it makes four cups so you and your spouse can have two cups of coffee each in the morning if you wanted to. So if your looking for a new coffee maker to try, I definitely think that Mr. Coffee is the perfect choice.

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Apr 19, 2009
Slowing down after a year
by: Amy Tanner

I bought the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker at Target almost one year ago. I live alone, so I had no need to purchase a bigger coffee maker. Four cups is perfect, because that really means two large mugs of coffee for me.

The only problem would be if I ever had guests over who wanted coffee, because this particular coffee maker takes a long time to percolate and it is so small! When I first bought it, it worked just fine and made coffee very quickly.

Now that it has been almost one year, it is definitely slowing down. I had another Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker before this one, and that same thing happened with it.

While I don't think that replacing a $25 coffee maker once a year is great, I do like this coffee maker and will continue to buy it, even though having to replace it so often is highly inconvenient.

I live where there are a lot of chemicals in the water such as limestone, so this may be a contributing factor, as well as the fact that I work from home and drink several pots of coffee daily.

This coffee maker features a clock, programmable setting for when you want your coffee ready (I never use this) and you can actually see the water reservoir. I like that Mr. Coffee makes this unit so tiny. It does not take up counter space at all!

I will buy more of these coffee makers even though they do not last long. I like the way they make coffee and they are perfect for what I need.

Mar 25, 2009
Set it and forget it
by: Brad Gray

I received our Mr. Coffee CGX5 four cup coffee brewing system as a wedding present about three months ago. I am very impressed with the machine overall, and I highly recommend the programmable version of the coffee maker.

The same coffee maker can be found in Wal-Mart for ten dollars and makes a wonderful gift. We usually set the machine the night before, and load the coffee grounds. The machine brews four cups of coffee in about five minutes after the timer goes off. The coffee stays very hot for a while before the system automatically shuts off to avoid scorching. One suggestion I do have about the machine is that two cups in the pot equals about one normally sized coffee mug, so don’t expect to provide four people with cups of coffee with just one pot.

The glass cleans very well, even burnt and crusted coffee will come off with ease. Try putting salt on crushed ice and swirling it around inside the pot to clean stains that inevitably make their way into the glass. In addition, the basket (holds the filter and grounds) comes off for easy cleaning. It also self-seals to avoid dripping as you remove the spent coffee grounds.

The Mr. Coffee CGX5, or four cup programmable coffee maker is wonderful for college students and those who don’t drink a tremendous amount of coffee in the morning. It is also helpful for those on the run because of its short brewing times. I recommend Folgers Breakfast Blend mild roast coffee for morning classes or a run to the office.

Feb 08, 2009
Easy to use
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker is so easy to use. It's perfect for my husband and I because it only makes up to 4 cups of coffee, which is all we need. It tells the time on the front of the coffee maker also. It brews the coffee pretty quickly and also keeps it warm while sitting.

I have never had a problem with it and would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who has a small family and wants a coffee maker that is plain and easy to use.

Jan 06, 2009
Compact and great value
by: Holly

I purchased this Mr. Coffee coffee maker from Wal-Mart nearly a year ago, when my husband and I got married. This coffee maker cost under $20 and it has already paid for itself!

The small size fits great on our countertop in our galley kitchen (we have a rather small apartment). This is very convenient because our counter space is extremely valuable, and it would be a hassle to move the coffee pot after using it each day.

My husband and I both take a travel mug of coffee each morning, and the 4 cup capacity gives us just the right amount of coffee. It is very easy to program the time display. There are "hour" and "minute" buttons that are pressed until the correct time is displayed. By holding down the "delay start" button, I can program the coffee maker at night to start the coffee in the morning, so that it is ready to go when I get out of the shower. These features make it easy to use the coffee maker without getting frustrated with complicated programming procedures

It brews the coffee quickly, which is great if I am in a hurry in the morning. If the coffee is still brewing when I need to leave, the brew can be paused. This way, I can pour myself a cup of coffee without worrying about the coffee dripping onto the hot plate. After replacing the pot and pressing the button, the brew cycle picks up where it left off. The coffee pot also has a 1-hour auto shut off feature. My husband still has hot coffee when he leaves in the morning, and if he forgets to shut off the coffee maker, we don't have to worry.

We initially considered purchasing a coffee pot that uses coffee "pods" to brew individual cups of coffee, especially because of our worry that coffee grounds tend to find their way into the coffee pot. However, these coffee pots were extremely pricey. After using the Mr. Coffee coffee maker that we purchased, I'm glad that we didn't splurge on the expensive "pod" coffee pot. Our coffee brews very "clean" - there are rarely coffee grounds at the bottom of the pot.

We are extremely satisfied with our inexpensive purchase - we have actually saved money because we don't find it necessary to treat ourselves to coffee in the morning. I would definitely recommend this coffee maker to anyone looking for a simple yet effective appliance.

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