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Mr. Coffee CG13

I bought a Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker, model CG13, at the end of January 2010. I have not been happy.

1. The way the water flows into the basket where the coffee is frequently causes the filter to fold in onto itself. Lots of coffee grounds then get into the coffee.
2. Even when the coffee maker works properly, it seems to me that the coffee is bitter. When I make coffee at work on the Bunn coffee maker there, I don’t get any bitterness.
3. I don’t like the way the entire top opens at once. Not only does that mean that the coffee maker must be pulled out from under the cabinet where it sits further than coffee makers that have smaller tops, it also means that it is possible to spill coffee into the water reservoir as coffee is being loaded into the basket.

I do not recommend this coffee maker.

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