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Mr. Coffee CBTU45 45 Cup Coffee maker

Mr. Coffee's CBTU45 (45-cup coffee urn) serves hot, brewed coffee for large groups of people. This is perfect for hosting special occasions or events where coffee is served.

It also makes a good investment for business or office use. With its stainless steel housing, it keeps coffee warm and holds hot brews safely. Coffee can easily be poured using the two-way spigot.

Key features

- The coffee urn can brew up to 45 cups of hot java.
- The stainless steel housing makes it less fragile and keeps coffee warm.
- It makes use of a brew basket that can be removed to make cleaning easy.
- It has a two-way spigot for easy pouring and sight glass to show the remaining amounts of coffee.
- It comes with a lighted on/off switch that tells you when the coffee urn is still brewing.
- It comes with a three prong plug that's safe to use.
- It has an indicator light that lets you know when coffee is ready to be served.


This coffee urn is meant for long-term use because of its stainless steel construction and easy to use features. You can easily pour a cup of hot coffee with its two-way spigot and easily check if there's enough coffee in the pot through the sight glass.

Its safety feature also includes the cool-touch handles, which make serving coffee more convenient. The fill lines will guide you in preparing coffee for full 45 cups or lesser amounts. It is easy to fill the barrel with water and start preparing coffee to brew.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the coffee urn to finish brewing up to 45 cups, which is quite fast considering its capacity. The indicator light will tell you when you can serve coffee. Because of the twist lock lid, it keeps coffee fresh and retains its flavor. It is also easy to clean the pot and detachable basket that is dishwasher-safe.


There's a small area under the spout, which makes it difficult to use a larger cup or mug. You will have to move the coffee urn at the edge of the table to make room for your large cup.

There are also reports of the grounds mixing into the coffee. Another complaint is that it tends to burn coffee and that the manual doesn't have a clear direction regarding the use of this coffee urn.

- fast and easy to use
- has clear measuring lines
- serves good-tasting coffee when used properly
- spigot dispenses coffee easily
- easy to see the remaining amounts of coffee through the sight glass
- keeps coffee fresh and retains its flavor
- easy to clean
- brews easily
- durable stainless steel pot
- good price
- brews quickly

- may burn coffee
- manual doesn't have clear directions
- grounds get into coffee
- large cups hard to fit in because of the small room underneath the spout

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