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Mr. Coffee Brew Timer

by Lindsey

The Mr. Coffee Brew Timer is an overall satisfactory coffee pot. The efficiency is decent and the measuring gauges are easy to read. However, the digital display is unlabeled and impossible to read if you don?

It understand what it is saying. Another complaint I have about the machine is that the carafe is metal, making it so that it is heavy and you can not visually tell how much liquid is inside. The weight of the carafe is misleading and I have often times been left with too little coffee. As trivial as this sounds, it can be very inconvenient to have to brew another batch with breakfast in the morning.

Otherwise, all of the components wash well and the brushed steel remains attractive even after almost a year. The coffee quality is decent, and the pot has a few settings - regular and strong, and both are pleasant enough. The design of the machine is aesthetically pleasing and fits in nicely with almost any modern kitchen.

The display is not so bright that it is distracting with the kitchen light off. I would recommend this machine for appearance but not necessarily convenience, seeing as you cannot tell how much is inside after brewed.

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