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Mr. Coffee BMX3 Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

  Black 12-cup with Flexible Dial Timer and Auto Off Timer

Black 12-cup with Flexible Dial Timer and Auto Off Timer

Mr. Coffee's Burr Mill - BMX3 is not an industrial type of coffee grinder, but you can be sure to have the right kind of coffee grounds for a hot cup of coffee according to the taste you like. With its excellent set of features such as the 16 grind settings, from coarse espresso to fine drip, and the 12-cup maximum capacity, this is the perfect way to get good coffee without having to pay $200 to $300 for a high-end coffee grinder.

Interior Features
  • Enjoy easy transfer of coffee grounds with the removable ground coffee container. The removable grinding chamber makes it easy to clean without any fuss. You can do transfers without any spills and mess. The automatic shut off feature, when the lid is open, is also very useful in preventing spills and flying beans.
  • The burr type grinding gives you optimal coffee grounds for the best and most aromatic cup of coffee. It allows you to grind almost any type of coffee beans.
  • The 12-cup capacity and choice among 16 grind settings allow you to maximize the use of this coffee grinder. It lets you grind more at one go, and choose from fine drip to course espresso, depending on your taste and preference.

    Exterior Features

  • Stop grinding operations when you want to with the hopper lid safety switch. You can use the same switch if you want to open the lid.
  • Busy users who have no time watching the unit to stop can use the auto shut off feature. This feature will prevent over-brewing, so you can say good bye to that burnt coffee taste.
  • Choose how coarse you want your coffee grounds to be with the coarseness wheel. This means that you can create your own recipe for the coffee blends based on preferred texture and taste.
  • Clear containers lets you see the ground coffee beans and gives you an idea of the produced consistency. This means you won't have trouble monitoring the coffee ground.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product dimensions: 8 x 4.9 x 11 inches
    Total number of volume or cups: 12 cups


  • The unit is really space efficient. Storage is not a problem with the cord storage feature.
  • The unit does not spill coffee grounds everywhere since the collector fits real snug to the chamber.
  • Cleaning can be done efficiently and coffee beans can be dislodged from the crevices of the container with a simple tap.
  • Although there is static, it is minimal and it is unavoidable due to the laws of physics.
  • The adjustments in the grind are precise, giving you the right texture for coffee beans.
  • For the price, the unit is the perfect steal for a burr grinder.
  • This coffee grinder is made of durable materials. The pieces fit perfectly. together.


  • The unit tends to kick grounds up into the hopper when it runs out of beans. The coffee beans tend to jump out of the unit when opened due to static.
  • The motor tends to slow down when you grind coffee beans one batch after another.
  • Some consumers are not satisfied with the size of the coffee bean container, which is too small for some.
  • The unit tends to vibrate hard, so hard that it practically walks on the countertop.
  • You often have to hold the container lid tightly in order for the grinder to start working.


  • space efficient
  • does not spill coffee beans everywhere
  • has adjustable cord
  • has auto shut off feature
  • durable
  • precise adjustments in the grind
  • good price


  • noisy
  • uneven coffee grounds
  • does not grind finely enough
  • may have burning plastic smell
  • difficult to clean and clogs easily

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