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Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Maker

by Kerry Espenschied
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

I needed a programmable coffee maker with an automatic shut-off feature because 1- I don't drink coffee but my husband does, and needs it ready first thing in the morning, and 2- We both have a tendency to forget to turn it off.

The Mr. Coffee Automatic serves us both very well.

It is easy to keep clean and load. The brew cycle takes only a few short minutes and will keep it hot for an hour.

The Brew Delay button comes in handy when you want to hold off on having it ready to drink.

We've tried other brands (Braun, Black & Decker). So far this one has lasted over a year, with proper cleaning and maintenance. Our next coffee maker will be a Mr. Coffee as well.

They've been around since drip coffee makers came out in the mid-seventies, and are the pioneers. They do coffee the best.

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