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Mr. Coffee AD4

by Dorii
(Gilbert. MN USA)


Mr. Coffee
Programmable Coffeemakers

The Mr. Coffee four-cup, white coffeemaker AD4 ..is the only Mr. in my house..its seen me thru the last five years of excellent single coffee making and I'm sure we will be together for many more years...It sits stylishly on my diminutive dark granite counter only taking minimal space..

OK..now there are safeguards one must take with a any coffeepot, including this cute little one...and because it is a small one... DO NOT leave it around the children or let them play with it, turn it off when its not in use..and for heavens sake..if something happens to the cord or a crack should happen to appear..please be careful..it may be sent in for repair. Check your manual. Also I would like to add... never put your arm or hand over the top while its brewing..there is hot steam rising..but all and all this is a very safe coffee pot!

This coffeemaker has a nice readable clear glass decanter even for someone with poor vision..Never, never put the decanter in a microwave or try to heat coffee on the stove or a burner...If there is a crack in the glass..please replace.DO NOT USE!!...it only makes sense!..and please just use this indoors..it isn't made to be used outside.

When you want to brew coffee... swing the basket out (that sits on the top of the maker), put in a filter..ordinary generic ones will work, but there are special Mr. Coffee filters available). Make sure the filter is sitting nice and straight in the basket..add the amount of coffee you desire..I drink weaker coffee so I put in 2 tablespoons for a whole pot...You can make one to four cups..so you may need to experiment with the coffee amounts you measure in the baskets....Fill the decanter with cold water according to how much coffee you want and pour into the back reservoir..Put the decanter on the warming plate, make sure the coffemaker is pluggd into the outlet and turn the switch to on...When the water stops draining into the decanter..your coffee is done!!! And enjoy!!!

When you are done drinking.. swing the coffee ground basket out (wait till it cools)..and empty the grounds and filter (I put them into my compost )..Turn your maker off when done and clean the decanter in hot soapy water or put in the dishwasher and occasionally if it has some coffee staining soak it in some vinegar...Wipe the maker done with a clean cloth.

Now... you may get a build up or residue (lime) after brewing coffee for a while, so you really want to clean up the coffeemaker to give it a long life..its easy..The residue can plug up the insides. ..Get white vinegar and run through the machine like you are making coffee (no grounds of course). Put in a filter, pour pure vinegar into the decanter and then pour into the back reservoir..When it is done “brewing”.. rinse well by running regular tap water through several cycles..I run water through cycles until I cant smell the vinegar anymore.

I think you will be very happy with this tiny coffee maker.

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Jan 18, 2010
We only use a Bunn Coffee Makers
by: Jerry

Bunns are the best coffee pots to have. It makes coffee faster than any pot I've ever hear of and it tastes great. It's worth the price and you get what you paid for. We also use 8'Oclock bean coffee. It taste better than any coffee on the market.

Sep 26, 2009
Mr. Coffee AD-1
by: goggomobil

We have had this coffee maker for about 10 years now. The only reason we are looking for a new coffee maker is because the plastic used on the top of this unit is not as UV stable as the rest of the unit. From years of being under a sunny window, the round, plastic top deteriorated and began to crumble. I am sure we would have gotten a few years more from this unit, otherwise. Highly recommended.

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