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Mr. Coffee ACCEL

by haze
(pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I must have owned over twenty coffee pots over the years, and this is the best I have ever used. I tend to buy Mr. Coffee, but I think I have owned every brand available. I usually burn my coffee makers out (literally - they sputter and die) within a few months, but this one is over a year old, and still going strong!

I love the auto turn-on timer! As a person who can't function without at least two cups of coffee in me, I fumble to the kitchen, to have fresh hot coffee waiting for me! The glass pourer (I can't think of the name - carafe?) doesn't leak, either. My mother-in-law always buys Kitchen-Aid, and every time you pour a cup of coffee, half of it spills! This pot has never spilled or leaked yet.

The filter basket is easy to clean, which is another good thing. I absolutely hate coffee makers that have filter baskets with three parts to take apart and clean! The basket easily opens and closes, without hitting the top of the carafe.

It has a hole in the back for cord storage. Not a lot of coffee makers have that. I always have to try to hide the cord, and this one hides it for me!

It also has a stopper so you can pour a cup of coffee when it's still brewing. I have had a couple of those, but they wore out fast. This one hasn't worn out yet!

I can honestly say, from a person who brews two or three pots of coffee a day, this is one of the best coffee makers on the market today. I can't remember the price I paid for it, though. But it was worth every cent! I would reccommend the Mr. Coffee ACCEL coffee maker to anyone who is looking for a coffee pot that is going to last them a long, long time!

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Jan 03, 2017
12+ years and still kicks butt NEW
by: Kent

I am not really sure how old my Mr Coffee Accel is but it is at least 12 years.. maybe more... It is the fastest coffee brewer I have ever seen.. I hope it never breaks...


Apr 19, 2015
Need help NEW
by: Anonymous

Please help!!!I bumped the coffee filter holder & it fell off. when I tried to put it back on the arm behind it came off . I can't figure out how it goes back on. Can anyone help me?!?!

Nov 08, 2014
Mr Coffee Accel NEW
by: lefox

My mom bought me one about 14 years ago and I LOVE it! Another glass carafe/decanter has bit it and I'm looking for a replacement on line with my husband's help. He is laughing at me for trying to buy a decanter for more money than a brand new coffee maker would cost. He just doesn't understand how perfect the Accel is.

Jul 22, 2014
Long lasting coffee pot NEW
by: LoveTheAccel

I got the Accel a long time ago, bought it brand new. The decanter finally died (cracked). Now trying to find a replacement is difficult. I have only been able to find one the looks similar on eBay. Anyone know when you can find one? I checked Walmart like some mentioned but the only Bunn the have is only a 10 cup - mine was a 12 cup so the Bunn would e too small.

Nov 05, 2012
can't touch this
by: Edward Moore

My Mr. Coffee Accel is 16 years old. I use it once or sometimes twice a day. I hope I can find a replacement if this one goes on the fritz. Should have bought a second identical one at the time. I intentionally bought this one with a simple on-off switch, with little to go wrong. As soon as the coffee is ready, I click it off. Maybe that has helped the longevity. Any reheats go through the microwave.

Oct 17, 2012
Best I ever had
by: Anonymous

Mom bought me an Accel almost 30 yrs ago as my first coffee maker. And like the others on the page here, the only thing to break was the decanter, which was my fault, last year.
Never had a bad cup of coffee from this wonderful machine.

Mar 25, 2012
Peplacement Decanter
by: Anonymous

This is the best coffee maker we have ever owned!
We broke the decanter and thanks to the post on here went to Walmart and got the Bunn replacement, like it said perfect fit.
Thanks for the tip!

Dec 12, 2010
Love it
by: Beast5

I have a Mr. Coffee Accel for 13 years and I love it - the coffee always stay hot; but it now seems to be running on its last leg and I've been searching for the same brand and I can't seem to find it. I would love to be able to get another Accel if anyone knows where please let me know.

Dec 05, 2010
decanter replacement
by: lyle

This is a fine coffee maker. We have had ours for longer than we can remember- guessing 1995? So, about 15 years. It has MADE IN USA stamped in steel on the bottom. Nothing has ever broken and we have never had any issues with it at all, except the decanters breaking, which was our fault.
When our first decanter broke a few years ago, we easily found a Mr Coffee replacement decanter that worked at Walmart. Earlier this week though, that decanter also broke, and we found that Mr Coffee no longer marketed a decanter that will work in the Accel coffee maker. I measured the dimensions of our old one and found that Bunn manufactures a replacement decanter available at Walmart, that is almost identical to the one Accel uses- it fits perfectly in the space under the filter. End of problem.

Apr 18, 2009
Brew function setting is very handy
by: Teresa

Currently I own an Accel brand made my Mr. Coffee. This coffee maker was purchased at Kohl's over ten years ago. So I would say I have had a very good experience with this coffee maker.

At the time of purchase they offered only two colors, black and white, which was very limiting.
The Accel model has the automatic brew function which has come in very handy with being a single mom who is up and out the door very early.

The Accel model has a digital clock, which you use to set the brew function. You then prepare the coffee maker, add water and coffee prior to going to bed and when you get up in the morning you are greeted with a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

So very nice not to have to take the time to prepare the coffee and then wait for it to brew in the morning. This function comes in very handy when you are flying out the door at 6:30am with a small child in your arms.

Another helpful feature of the Accel is that the warming plate automatically shuts off. I have a very bad habit when I am in a hurry in the morning of not shutting the pot off.

With this model it automatically shuts off for me. No more burnt coffee pots and no more nasty coffee to clean out of the bottom of the pot. This also helps in not ruining a pot or in taking a chance to burn your home down.

I have found this model very easy to clean. The basket and its holder come off of the pot. I do this alot as I use my coffee maker to brew coffee as well as tea. It helps to keep your tea from tasting like coffee.

My only one complaint with this model of coffee pot and many other models, is that they only come with one brewing pot. This limits you on what you can have brewed at one time.

When I have guests, depending on who they are or the time of day, I like to have a pot of coffee and a pot of tea or flavored coffee.

I have also been known to break a glass pot or as stated above, forget to turn off my coffee maker and badly burn the pot.

If you would have a two pots with each coffee maker it would make it much more convenient.

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