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Mr Coffee 4 cup TF4

The TF4 is a 4-cup switch coffee maker that comes with such features as the Brew Pause n’ Serve and the water level indicator window. This is the perfect model for personal use or for a small apartment or dorm room.

Key Features

- The Brew Pause n’ Serve feature lets you taste your coffee even before it has finished the brewing cycle.
- The stain resistant warming plate avoids coffee stains and is very easy to clean.
- There is only one button on this machine and that is the lighted on and off switch which tells you if the machine is on or off.
- Removable filter easily lifts out of the machine for easy cleaning and filling.
- The dual water reservoir is perfect for knowing how much water is left in the reservoir without the need for guesswork.


Size is the main advantage to this 4-cup coffeemaker. Good for four cups, the TF4 is perfect as a desk coffee maker or for a dorm room. It does not waste coffee because you only brew what you can consume. It also does not take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter due to its small size.

Another advantage is that you can accurately know how much water is needed to fill the reservoir with the dual water window reservoir. You can also warm the water by keeping the lid up. This way, the water cycles through the reservoir when the machine is running.

It produces good coffee for something so small and comes in clean white finish. The parts are easy to clean, especially the removable water filter. The design is attractive and sturdy.


One of the main complaints is the design of the carafe which encourages spills. It needs to be poured slowly and with caution to prevent dripping from the side. The brewing time is also slower compared to the time stated in the description.

Another bad point is that the longer you use the coffee maker, the more it tends to develop this burnt electric flavor that does not taste good at all. There’s also a small notch at the back of the machine that is designed to prevent overfilling of the machine with water. When you overfill the machine, it tends to spill out through the notch and spill onto the counter.

Finally, there is no auto shut off feature which could be a deal breaker for those who keep on forgetting to turn their machine off before leaving for work in the morning.

- Small size, compact and stylish design in white
- The dual water window reservoir is perfect for knowing how much water you need to put in
- Warm the water by making it go through the reservoir
- Pot is easy to clean

- Carafe spout design encourages spills
- Notch at the back of the machine becomes a passageway for water when the machine is overfilled and this spills onto the counter
- No auto shut off

Comments for Mr Coffee 4 cup TF4

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Oct 24, 2013
4 cups? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have no idea in what country this coffee maker makes 4 cups of coffee. It only hold 2.5 U.S. cups of water. Deceptive advertising at its best.

If you need a 2 cup coffee maker then buy this one.

Mar 17, 2012
Poor Quality
by: Disappointed

First off, the top cover no longer holds shut during the coffee making. I have to use a heavy pot to put on top of the lid to keep it closed.
what frustrates me the most is that I have to put in 4 cups of water to get 3 cups of coffee. I think it's because the steam leaks from the sides of the plastic top causing less liquid to fall into the canister.
When the unit was brand new, it was fine.

Apr 13, 2010
by: James

I bought this coffeemaker from Walgreens for 12.99 on sale. I bought it in August 2008, and I have used it every day since then. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, as I don't drink a lot of coffee, the 4 cup carafe is just perfect for me. One thing I wish it did have, as I don't think it does, is an automatic shutoff that other coffeemakers have.

I know though that this would probably bring the price up, so I have learned to deal with that aspect. The maker is very easy to set up for brewing, and it does also have a pause and serve feature, although this device makes it a little harder to put the carafe in right. I would actually not have it, as it does not take 4-5 minutes to brew anyway, and its just something else that can go bad on it.

The basket is easy to put in the coffee, and a visible water level vial lets you know exactly how much to put in. I also like the fact the carafe is small, making it very easy to clean in the sink. I had a larger, programmable Mr. Coffee, but I broke the carafe twice, so this one is a lot easier to clean.

As far as the best maker I have ever had, I would have to say this one, for it covers all I need in a maker, from being easy to clean, to making just the amount I need.

The other one I had in which I broke the carafes, it was not very easy to find a replacement, as there are a lot of different types, and I wanted to get the right one because that one was a Christmas gift, and it also had a pause and serve, although I ended up breaking it off because I woke up one morning and apparently I had not put the carafe in right, and coffee was all over the counter.

Apr 20, 2009
Unhappy with the smaller model
by: Faye

This is the first time I have ever been unhappy with Mr.C. in the smaller model (and perhaps that is why?)

1. The white top plastic cover of the coffee pot no longer fits nor clicks into the holes on top of the coffee pot although no tabs are broken!

2. The top cover no longer closes on top of the coffee maker.

3. Although I use a filter in the basket, coffee grounds go all over. The coffee is good except for the grounds that get out of the filter basket with a paper basket inside properly placed.

4. The coffee is good but the above makes it most annoying.

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