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Mr Coffee 4 cup delay brew coffee maker.

by Paige

The Mr. Coffee 4 cup delayed brew model was purchased at Target a year ago. It's a great coffee maker that has held up through a lot of wear and tear. The delayed brew is a nice feature, I always set it for fifteen minutes and then have nice hot coffee when I get out of the shower in the morning.

Another nice feature of this particular coffee maker is that if you happen to make the coffee and then don't get to drink it till later, you can re-heat the coffee right there in the maker. I also find that four cups is a great amount of coffee, it can either be a large cup of coffee for one person, or two small cups for two people. And a full pot is made in less than 5 minutes. Also this model is super easy to clean! And let me tell you about my absolute favorite feature of this machine and that is the automatic turn off.

I originally bought the coffee maker specifically for that feature because I was moving into a dorm and needed all appliances to turn off automatically, but I no longer live in a dorm and still find that feature to be AMAZING! I would never remember to turn it off on my way to work in the morning.

The Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker is small and convenient, it fits on virtually any counter and at about one foot tall it can easily be stored in a cabinet. The coffee maker come in black and white so it matches any kitchen, and also has a retractable cord that makes for great easy storage.

And being priced under twenty dollars it's really affordable. Great for anyone, especially people living on their own, dorm residents, business and small offices. I highly recommend it.

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