Mr Coffee 12 Cup TF12

Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker comes in a four cup model and also a twelve cup model.

The four cup model is designed strictly for the individual coffee drinker in mind. The twelve cup model is for the serious coffee drinker or for a larger family.

Either way, this coffee maker did not have many consumer reviews to speak of or the ones it did receive were not very promising.

Advertised Information

The Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker allows the coffee drinker to stop brewing and pour a cup of coffee.

This makes it great for those who cannot wait for the entire pot to brew. The basket is easily removed to provide an easier filling process and allows for easier cleaning.

There is also an indicator to let the user know where the water level is so there is no chance of overfilling it.

The warming plate is supposed to be made of a stain-free material but this will be discussed in the next part as not being accurate.

The best feature of the Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker is the light on the power switch to indicate whether it is on or off so there are no mistakes in leaving the machine on.

When all is said and done, this sounds like a great product but in words only and not in use.

Here Comes The Bad News

With the Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker, the reputation of the company is the best part as far as the selling point for those that purchased this machine.

They thought that with a great company like Mr. Coffee, there would be a certain standard but, unfortunately, they were left disappointed.

The pot or carafe for the Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker seems to have trouble pouring a straight cup of coffee.

One consumer even went so far as to try different angles and rate of pouring to find out if it might just be operator error.

Try as they might, they still found that it leaked over the counter and past the cup. It also has a bad reputation for collecting moisture inside the top part of the pot.

If this moisture is not removed with each pot made, the remaining water will run down into the lid of the fresh pot and thus ruins the ability to drink it.

As for the stain free warming plate, the dripping pot eventually causes the plate to become corroded with a non-removable substance and therefore causes the pot to stick.

The Name Is Not An Indication

The Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee Maker seems to be incorrectly designed.

It might be best if Mr. Coffee takes another look at this one and comes up with some revisions if they would like to keep the reputation they have taken so many years to build. Dribbling pots and excess water accumulation do not bring on a good cup of coffee.

For those looking for a four or twelve cup coffee maker, consider another product.

Mr Coffee 12 Cup TF12 Specs


12 cup switch coffeemaker

pause and serve

removable filter

easy filling and cleaning

cord storage

stain resistant warming plate

lighted on / off switch

water level marking

weight - 6.5 lbs

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