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Mr. Coffee 12-cup Switch Coffeemaker

by Florence
(Round Lake Beach, Illinois, USA)


12 Cup Switch

When it comes to coffee makers I like to keep it simple. That’s why I chose the “switch” model by Mr. Coffee. This is a basic plug-in model that doesn’t have any fancy timers or pre-set functions.

All I do is place a filter with coffee, add water then press the switch to the on position. Within a couple minutes I’m enjoying a fresh brewed cup. You can’t get any simpler than that!

What I like about this machine is the top flips open making the unit easy to fill. There is plenty of space so I rarely have any back-splash. The carafe is a generous size and marked in levels from 4 to 12 cups.

The sides of the unit also have clear marked levels where I can additionally measure how much water is inside. Clean up is easy too. All I do is wipe down the outside with a cloth. The pot is dishwasher safe.

For the internal cleaning, I occasionally use the manufacturer recommended Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker cleaner but you can also clean by running a cycle of vinegar of water.

Prior to this purchase I has a similar drip model by Sunbeam.

I paid a more for that model and the efficiency and durability was equivalent to the Mr. Coffee, which only cost me $20 at Target.

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Jul 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Bought this as a replacement to a previous one that leaked from the bottom. Seems to take an extra long time to brew a pot of coffee. Also have an issue with the water dripping through too slowly and overflowing the filter. Thinking about taking it back--I guess I got what I paid for - found it at Wal Mar for $15.

Mar 25, 2009
Reasonable price
by: Anonymous

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup Switch coffeepot maker in black was a gift from our wedding. The coffeepot is not very big, so it easily fits on our counter. Since we do not have a lot of counter top space, this was important.

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup Switch coffeepot maker was easily to use from the beginning. It came completely assembled in the box, so all we had to do was open it and take it out. However, I do recommend washing it before using it for safety reasons.

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup switch coffeepot was also reasonable priced. This is one of the main reasons we selected this coffeepot. This coffee pot was purchased from Target.

Since Mr. Coffee is so easily available, it will be easy to purchase a new one if mine were to break. The coffee filter are also reasonable priced. My husband and I actually found them at the dollar store in our area! This coffee pot takes the coffee filters that are flat on the bottom, not the ones that are coned shaped.

I have found that these coffee filters are easier to find and less expensive. When brewing coffee in the Mr. Coffee maker, I suggest that you make sure the water valve (how the water gets from the holding portion to the coffee filter) is in with the coffee filter.

The first time I used it, I forgot to make sure and boy did I have a big mess on my hands.

Nov 21, 2008
does the job
by: Anonymous

Its easy to use, reliable, the price tag is unbeatable at only $25, easy to clean and filters are readily available. Cons: Doesn't keep the coffee very hot, the glass carafe seems to let heat escape and the burner underneath burns the coffee. Coffee is only brewed at about 180 degrees rather than the 200 degrees recommended.

Oct 28, 2008
average machine
by: Anonymous

I am not one who finds their self spending a large amount of money for a coffee maker. I enjoy my coffee, and I just need something to make it with. I just recently bought the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker because of its price and the amount of coffee it can make. A twelve cup coffee maker for $20? Count me in.

The coffee maker isn't the greatest one around when compared to higher price makers, but it also isn't the worst one either. It is a simple black coffee maker. I use it every morning to make my coffee. I think it takes a bit of time to get the coffee brewing sometimes, but that doesn't bother me.

A big positive is that it is one step up from my smaller coffee maker I owned previously. This one makes twelve cups. That is two more than my first one. It has an auto pause function on it. I am able to pause the coffee maker if I want to take the coffee pot off the maker and pour a cup (sometimes we all just want our coffee faster than it can make a full pot!).

The only problem I have with this function is that, even though the maker has been paused, it continues to drip coffee when the pot is removed. This doesn't surprise me because it is making coffee, and you are imminently going to have some coffee drip out. For the price of around $20-$25, I think it was a good purchase. Consider if you are a simple person who doesn't demand very much from a coffee maker.

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