Mr Coffee 12 Cup FTX21
Programmable Coffee Maker

The large Mr Coffee 12 Cup coffeemaker is ideal for the large family.

There are many different features available on this item, for example: It is a 12-cup programmable coffeemaker with delay brew so that you can program it to make coffee at the time you are waking up.

That is a particularly helpful feature. It has a brew-strength selector, brew-pause function, and 2-hour auto shut off .

It also has a fresh brew timer, adjustable-temperature warmer plate, and dual water windows (not quite sure what that is myself but I guess they would not advertise it if it wasn't a good thing, now would they?

This programmable model also has a removable filter basket with water filtration, a cleaning cycle and also a place for cord storage. That's pretty neat! This little beauty measures 11"1/2 by 7"1/4 by 13"3/4 inches and also features a 1 year limited warranty, all a pretty nice package if you ask me!

FTX21 Pros

Customers usually report positive feedback for this coffeemaker. For example, one customer has said "The timer is easy to set, and the brew strength and burner temp control are very nice features," he goes on to state that the only complaint that he has about the Mr.Coffee coffee maker is that there is not a back-up battery on the machine.

This would be helpful because if the power goes out, then you will still have coffee at the time you set the timer for.

Customers have also raved about the sneak-a-cup feature, which we all know, if you need your coffee in the morning (like me!) that you don't have to wait for your first shot of caffeine.

Other people have raved about the carafe, saying that when you pour the water from it, that it doesn't make a mess like most of them do.

FTX21 Cons

The only complaint that I have seen thus far is about how hard it is to clean, but as most of the consumers would tell you this is a very minor complaint compared to how easy it is to load and all of the other wonderful features.

There have been a few other complaints about how it leaks and the pause and serve lever breaking. Others have also mentioned something about the coffee maker overfilling the basket.

Final Thought

I myself don't own a Mr. Coffee coffee maker yet, but I know people who do and they have nothing but wonderful words to say about it.

As far as I am concerned, as long as it brews coffee and keeps me supplied with the brown stuff throughout the day then I am one happy camper!

Mr Coffee 12 Cup FTX21 Specs


12 cup programmable 

brew strength selector 

pause and brew 

auto shut off after two hours 

water filtration 

brew timer  

removable filter 

height - 11 1/2

length - 7 1/4

depth -  13 3/4

weight 8 lbs 

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