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Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Red TFX26

by Angela
(Bronx, NY)


Mr. Coffee TFX26
12-Cup Coffeemaker

When I moved into my new apartment 2 years ago, I did most of my shopping at Kohl's Department Store. I wanted my kitchen decorated with red appliances.

So when I saw the Mr.Coffee coffee machine in red I just had to buy it no matter what the price.

It goes great with my other appliances and little kitchen gadgets, and I love the fact that it has a timer to start my coffee first thing in the morning.

I wash the pot of the machine with soapy water and a soft sponge, and I dry it off with a towel.

I have no complaints and I would so highly recommend this coffee machine to anyone who's looking for a fashionably red and great coffee machine.

I have had my Mr.Coffee machine for over 2 years now and with a little TLC, this machine is still making one great pot of coffee.

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Jan 17, 2010
Can't trust it.
by: Greg

timer went out after 6 months. can't trust it to not start a fire. Trashed it! Last one did the same thing but was a different model of Mr. Coffee.
I think I'll switch brands before one of them burns down the house

Nov 13, 2008
value for money
by: Anonymous

First let me tell you why I purchased my particular machine. I purchased a more expensive model by some other manufacturer (more popular) because I wanted to set it at night and wake to brewed coffee every am. Twice the thing clogged and I came out to coffee running all over my kitchen counter.

I returned it as defective and purchased the model I have for nine dollars and change. It's simple, put in a filter and coffee, put in some water, wait a little and you have coffee., works for me. I've had it approximately 8 years. If it ever stops working I will buy another. The price may have gone up a little bit but it's an awesome value for the money.

Nov 13, 2008
by: Anonymous

After purchasing my first home in the Arizona desert, I knew I wanted to paint the walls bright vibrant colors. As such we decided on Rhubarb Red as our accent color for our kitchen, which has tones of brown as the primary color.

There in lied our biggest problem. Finding kitchen items in red that would all match. After finding (much to my excitement) a red microwave, I set out for a new coffee pot. I not only wanted one in red, but I wanted one that was not overly expensive and that had a timer on it so that I could set it to brew before I got up in the morning.

When I saw this coffee maker the first thing I thought about was that it matched my newly purchased microwave perfectly. It was priced on the lower end of my budget and looked great. I love the way it looks in my kitchen and works wonderfully. I am able to set it at night and have a great cup of coffee in the morning with very little work.

I would definitely recommend this coffee maker, as it is inexpensive but works better then some of the more expensive ones on the market today.

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