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Mr. Coffee 12 cup Automatic drip


Mr Coffee 12 Cup Commercial
Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Model: Mr. Coffee / 12 cup/ Automatic drip with digital set brew-time & clock / Black This is the type of coffee machine that does double-time in every household and kitchen. The sleek black design is sturdy and fits in well alongside all my other appliances. However, it's all about the coffee.

The large interior brew basket is well proportioned, which allows for an even distribution of ground coffee. This feature essentially guarantees a good, flavorful pot of coffee whether you are making four, six, ten, or a full pot. Additionally, the hot plate rises to a temperature which lets you enjoy a cup as soon as the brew cycle has finished -- without burning the tongue. Having our coffee brewed, ready and waiting in the morning -- especially during these cold New England mornings -- is a pleasure.

Plus, the mouth of the pot is wide enough to allow the aroma to waft through the kitchen. The pot's removable lid also guarantees easy rinsing or cleaning of the pot -- especially if you're ready to prepare a second pot! Another feature of this Mr. Coffee machine that I really like is the automatic shut-off.

In the mad dash of getting ready some mornings, it's inevitable that I forget to turn off an appliance. However, I never have to worry about the built-in safety feature of this machine. The automatic shut-off really adds peace of mind; however, this feature also reduces the risk of going back for a second or third cup only to discover that the coffee is burned.

I can't begin to tell you how often I've had to pitch nearly a full pot because it was burned. In this respect, the automatic shut-off saves money in two ways: it keeps the electric bill down and the reduces the need for using more coffee! I also like this coffee machine's versatile durability. It's well made, doesn't fall apart from a knock or two, and all the removable parts can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher -- which saves even more time.

Finally, the competitively priced Mr. Coffee products are a real attraction in these tight economic times. Having an appliance that combines quality, durability, convenience, and safety features like this Mr. Coffee automatic brew with a reasonable price, makes this product a "No Brainer." I recommend it to anyone.

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