Mr Coffee 10 Cup
FTTX95 Review

It would seem that the Mr. Coffee brand has been around as long as coffee itself.

Their brand of coffee makers have been featured commercially for its brands of drip percolators – those tall, cylindrical pots with a metal bar inside that heats up and cause the water to boil over into the coffee ground basket – and that was the 1950’s version. They have grown up since then.

The Mr. Coffee Programmable “Pause N’ Serve” is their big boy toy for the home coffee lover.

It comes in sleek washed stainless steel and black with a thermal resistant carafe. Several options make this affordable programmable coffee maker stand out.

Mr Coffee 10 Cup FTTX95 Pros

  • It is programmable so you can have that fresh brewed coffee in the morning without doing anything.

    Just set it the night before, get it ready with water and coffee and select the time you want and when you awake, it’ll be there waiting.

  • It will automatically shut off after several minutes after the brew cycle is completed. This saves on your electric bill as well as giving you peace of mind.

  • The thermal carafe and warming plate are both fully temperature adjustable.

  • The filter basket is able to be removed so no messy, soggy filters.

  • The Pause n’ Serve can be attached to a water filtration system and even has a clearly visible water level window.

The pros for the Pause N’ Serve include the ability to program your coffee settings for richness of brew, set a time for it to start making coffee, it will auto shut off after a time period to save electricity and the unit.

You are able to hook it to a water filtration system and combined with the removable basket, it is geared to make a great to near perfect pot of coffee. The carafe holds ten cups of coffee so one brew should be enough for most coffee drinkers.

Mr Coffee 10 Cup FTTX95 Cons

With every good coffee maker, there are always cons to the pros. I would be amiss as a reviewer if I did not approach those issues candidly and openly.

Though this Mr. Coffee product, the “Pause N’ Serve”, makes decent enough tasting coffee, it tends to be warm and, in some instances, according to owners, on the cold side. Most people enjoy hot coffee in the morning. It tastes better, not stale.

The Pause N’ Serve also has had issues with its heating element. However, a problem that will cause your coffee maker to fail can be avoided by maintaining water levels.

The unit continues to heat and with nothing to heat, the element can corrode, which causes the unit to burn out. Mr. Coffee has a great record, however, of repairing faulty units without much of a hassle.

Another issue that has risen through customer e-mails and phone calls is that the heating element fails to warm rapidly.

Top Tips

Brewing good coffee means using frozen grounds and cold water. Using cold water in the unit seems to be a not so good thing as the coffee maker has to warm it, which can take ten minutes to do.

As such, it is suggested to use hot water when beginning to brew. You will also be well advised to set your morning coffee to ten minutes or so prior to when you would normally want it, avoiding this hassle.

Mr Coffee 10 cup FTTX95 Specs


programmable thermal carafe

pause and serve

brew strength selector

can adjust the temperature of warming plate

water filtration

water level indicator

removable filter basket

delay brew up to 24 hours

can see amount of water in reservoir

special cleaning cycle

audio ready indicator

cord storage to keep kitchen neat

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