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Mr Coffee 10 cup Programmable


Mr. Coffee 10-Cup
Programmable Coffee Maker

Here is the review: Okay where to start. I am divorced now but when I was married, my now ex-husband was an absolute coffee fiend! So after the papers were signed and he took 50 bags of premium coffee, the bean grinder and all the good stuff with him.

I went to my local Wal-Mart and purchased my 'starter' coffee pot-the Mr Coffee 10 cup. It looked pretty cute to be honest. One of my concerns about it was that it appeared to be rather fragile. Not to say that the materials which constructed the machine were not good.

My previous coffee/expresso machines looked like something out of Terminator 4: Rise of Caffeine! Putting aside my doubts, I paid for it and took my new little baby home.

The first really good thing is that the machine takes up relatively little space. I could even set it on my microwave oven without too much hassle.

The second good thing is that the directions are very easy to follow. You do not need the latest technical degree to operate the machine. For many newly minted coffee addicts this will be a blessing.

If you prefer a more customized drink, then this is not the model for you. One of the drawbacks is the small glass pot. I felt that it was on the verge of breaking several times.

While Wal-Mart did stock replacement glass pots, I wondered if there was such a need that it was profitable for them.

Another drawback are the constant coffee stains that seem to converge on the bottom of the pot. It was an every day occurrence.

I wanted to spend my time drinking coffee, not cleaning up after it.

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