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Morphy Richards Café Mattino

by Leanne
(Oxford, UK)

This coffee maker was passed on to me by my sister and I have had it for the past 2 years. Before that my sister had it for at least that long herself. It has never let either of us down! Being a Canadian living in the UK, I wanted a coffee maker that was going to make GOOD coffee. As I have a special Canadian coffee brought back for me anytime a friend or relative visits Canada I needed to make sure I had a maker that was going to do it justice…the Café Mattino did just that!

It is incredibly easy to use and has a permanent filter so there’s no messing about with paper filters. The filter can very easily be removed for a quick rinse under the tap, ready for the next pot. The indicator at the side clearly shows you how much water is in there so you know when to top up. The hotplate keeps the coffee warm so you can go back for cup after cup…which to me is essential for those early morning starts!

The coffee maker has also got a programmable timer, however I have never needed to use this – the coffee is made so quickly anyway that there has never been a need for it. I think the most that can be made is approximately 12 cups made in about 10 minutes or so. For those that would like to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the timer is digital and quite easy to program.

It may not be the cheapest coffee maker out there but it’s good value for money. It’s sleek and stylish and I would definitely recommend the Café Mattino to anyone that wants a quick no fuss, no mess coffee maker!

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