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Morphy Richards 47070

by Assum Mirza
(United Kingdom)

The first thing that attracted me to the Morphy Richards 47070 was its price tag, very cheap. I am usually the person to avoid cheap items and buy more expensive equipment but in this situation, I didn't. I let the brand name decide and I consider Morphy Richards a good brand as I have many other kitchen products from them, all excellent.

This coffee machine has no frills; you simply put the ground coffee in the top, pour in your water and turn the machine on. After 5-10 minutes you have a pot of fresh coffee. It's good because it has a programmed timer which I just love the idea of waking up to fresh coffee in the morning or whenever I need it.

The machine is easy to use, easy to clean, makes nice coffee and it's also good looking. The machine has a few bad points though. For example, the filling hole is a little on the small side (roughly an inch wide) so it's often hard and fiddly to fill in water. Another example is condensation. When the top lid is raised, lots of condensation drips down the back of the unit. This can be solved by placing a cloth before lifting the lid to avoid water on your work surface but it's just an annoyance to do this all the time. Did I mention the small LED display? Another bad design feature.

What makes me dislike this coffee machine most though is it's heating element. For the first 3 months, it worked perfectly and left a lovely aroma in the house but I've returned this machine to the online retailer I purchased from twice due to a faulty heating element! Maybe I am unlikely, maybe this is just bad luck but perhaps this is a common problem with the machine, I do not know. What I do know is, if you manage to get this machine running how it should, you shouldn't be disappointed. It's good value for money and does its job well but with the questionable build quality, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

May you have many nice cups of coffee in the future!

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