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Melitta Modela MEFB1

by JIm Kellerstrass
(Peoria, Il)

This coffee makes makes use of the the unique cone filtering system. At first we were skeptical of this design, it promised the fastest brew on the box so we gave it a try.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the claim turned out to be true. As my wife and I are both full time students, and have jobs timeliness is important to us. The faster the coffee brews the faster our day gets started.

It is limited to using the cone shaped filters, but you can purchase off brand filters at locations such as Krogers.

The simple one button on / off center switch make for easy operation. We also like the ability to pour a cup of coffee mid brew with the assurance the seal works and does not leak onto the burner.
There is no automatic shut off timer on this model meaning we can work late into the night and not be concerned if the coffee will be hot.

While there are not a lot of extras, such as programming, the brewing is fast. The price is economically friendly and the product has with stood the trials and tribulations in our house now for 4 years.

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