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Melitta Mill & Brew 10-Cup

by CrystalD

I absolutely LOVE our coffeemaker! We have had it for a year and a half now and wouldn’t think of recommending any other coffeemaker. The fact hat it can grind the beans right there for me and brew my coffee, literally makes almost any coffee beans taste good!

It is so fresh and aromatic. It’s also reasonably priced at about $60-$70. It’s available at Target among other stores.

I read a lot of consumer reviews about it on the Target web site and found that many people agreed that it is easy to clean and that all its parts are easy to take apart and wash in the dishwasher with no hassles.

Other grinder-brewer combos tend to be much more expensive and complicated. I am very surprised that such a reasonable price is providing us not only with extremely good coffee but it’s so easy to clean and maintain.

Before getting this coffeemaker, I had a regular Mr Coffee coffeemaker and I had a single-serve pod coffeemaker when I didn’t want to make a whole pot.

I have now found that my little pod-making coffeemaker is collecting dust because even if it’s only one cup of coffee, I prefer the flavor I get from my Mill and Brew.

I now feel the coffeemaker I used to have never served me coffee compared to what I can experience now. Thanks Melitta ! Everyone should give this coffeemaker a try.

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