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Melita Mill and Brew Smart Coffee Maker ME1MSB

by Karen
(Westland, MI)

I am sitting here enjoying another great cup of coffee from my Melita Mill and Brew Smart Coffee Pot. Although this pot was a bit pricey for me, it has proved to be well worth the investment. It is very easy to set up before I go to bed and has a programmable feature so the coffee will start automatically every morning.

I purchased this coffee pot because it had the option to grind the coffee right in the unit. I use ground coffee, but when my sister visits, she likes fresh ground beans, so I can do both.
- Weather at your fingertips
- option to grind beans

- Large size
- not long enough warming plate time

My favorite feature is the MSN weather link on the display screen. While I don?t pay much attention to it when the weather is nice, it has come in handy in the winter.

This is a rather large unit, so you need to have counter space available. It just fits under my cabinets. I keep mine on a plastic slide out tray so it is easier to move when it?s time to clean it out or set it up for brewing. My only complaints are that, occasionally, even with the time set, the coffee will not start brewing in the morning.

The warming plate does not stay on long enough . I would like it to stay warm for at least two hours after the coffee has brewed, but it only lasts, at maximum, 90 minutes. Also, I find that the grinder is a bit loud, but I guess you could consider that a back up alarm clock!

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