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Melina Look

by Gorjan
(Skpje, Macedonia)

I live in Macedonia and coffee here is tradition.

We mostly as a nation consume so called Turkish Coffee, and it's very hard for us to change our views of a quality coffee because we are used to Turkish Coffee that is very strong and we don't function well with others :).

A couple of years ago I received Melina model:Look espresso maker as a gift from the Macedonian importer of Melina Coffee. At first it just lied in the kitchen, and we whore consuming Turkish, but when we tried it oh that was great. The whole house smelled like coffee.

The aroma is i believe the next best thing after of course the Turkish Coffee (the coffee is not really Turkish we just call it that we also call it Macedonian Coffee). Also our coffee has a lot of sediment that is unhealthy and in our espresso machine it all stays inside.

Now we completely changed our habits of coffee drinking. Now we mostly use and require espresso coffee, because is strong, well tastes and it keeps you on at all time. We even convinced the neighbors to buy one, the whore using some older non electric coffee maker and the result was terrible the coffee was bad because they whore skipping the boiling process that is believe crucial for a strong and good coffee.
I've tried coffee from different machines and i must say that mostly the difference is in the coffee quality. Quality coffee has the unique smell and aroma that is the unique part that i look for in a cup of coffee, the process of making is more or less the same.

Maybe the option for making more than one coffee at once is making the difference my is making only one at the time but we are used to it, maybe we would change it to a 3 at once system of making because we are three at our home.

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Oct 08, 2015
Melina Look NEW
by: William Jack

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Sep 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

we whore consuming etc.

better get spelling right for english speaking readers

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