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Medelco 8 Cup Glass Stovetop Percolator

with Borosilicate Glass Construction and Thermal Shock Resistant feature

with Borosilicate Glass Construction and Thermal Shock Resistant feature

Medelco Stovetop percolator with a capacity of 8 cups offers various features that coffee and espresso lovers will surely love. One of these is the Thermal-shock resistant feature of the unit. The unit also boasts its lab-quality borosilicate glass construction.

Interior feature
  • The unit has a capacity of 8 cups. With this percolator, you can brew coffee for a large household full of coffee lovers.
  • The percolator is made of lab-quality borosilicate glass. Because of this, the unit is durable and has high resistance to heat. Because of its material, you can heat it on the stove and then keep it on the refrigerator without it cracking.

    Exterior feature

  • The unit has a very elegant design. Because it is made of glass, it can add sophistication to your kitchen.
  • The handle is designed to stay cool. Because of this, you can ensure your safety with this unit. You can get it straight from the stovetop and serve coffee without fear of getting your fingers burnt.
  • The stovetop percolator is dishwasher-safe. You can easily wash it with soap without fearing that the parts will get damaged. Aside from this, the unit is stain resistant. This actually minimizes the effort you need to spend for cleaning and maintaining the item.

    Dimension and specification

    The percolator has a dimension of 7.4 x 5.5 x 7.3 inches; it weighs 2 pounds.


    This stovetop percolator from Medelco comes with a trivet that allows the unit to be used on coil-type electric stoves. The lab-quality borosilicate glass construction of the percolator makes it durable. It prevents the percolator from cracking if there is sudden changes in the temperature of the surroundings. In the long run, this percolator can save you a good amount of money.

    You won't risk burning your fingers making use of the stovetop percolator because it has a stay-cool handle. With its thermal-shock resistant feature, the stovetop percolator won't easily break just because of the extreme heat. This makes it as durable as aluminum and stainless steel percolators. The best thing about the product is its cheap considering its features and capacity. You don't need a fortune in order to to purchase such a high quality percolator. This stovetop percolator from Medelco is also very stylish.

    The glass only makes it more appealing. It is ideal for a kitchen with a modern theme. You can brew many cups of flavorful java using this stovetop percolator. Its brewing capacity is up to 8 cups. This makes it an ideal percolator for a large household.


    The downside of the percolator is its very thin glasss material. Although it is resistant to heat, it does not exhibit great resistance to falling. So if you drop it accidentally on the ground, this percolator will break into pieces. The holes on the percolator's basket are big so you need to use coarse ground on this percolator.


  • elegant design
  • great capacity
  • thermal-shock resistant
  • lab-quality borosilicate glass construction
  • dishwasher-safe parts
  • stay-cool handle


  • very thin glass material
  • large holes on the basket

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