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Maxwell House's Columbia style Coffee

It is a medium-dark, caffeinated roast that provides adequate punch with lots of hearty flavor. My husband I definitely like “our oil” as our grandfather calls it, teasing us since we like our coffee strong! To make it as steep a cup as possible, we typically throw in a few extra grounds for brewing in every batch. We also choose the "brew strong" option provided by our coffeepot machine. (I often wonder, though, if that in fact makes any difference in our coffee's taste and strength anyway!)

In any case, we like our coffee's rich, hearty flavor and rank it with 4 stars out of a possible 5 star. It doesn't get a 5 because we have to reserve that rating for coffee we brewed by our last coffeepot machine which recently broke. It allowed us to put in whole beans that it would both freshly ground and brewed. It was very deluxe! However, if you are not grinding your own beans, Maxwell House Columbian is very rich still. The other downside to this particular flavor is that it costs slightly more than other Maxwell House roasts.

Currently Columbian flavor is 9.99 in my grocery store while a similar (and our second best flavor) French Roast is 7.20. While the smell and flavor of Columbian is slightly stronger and more robust, the French Roast gives more bang for its buck, since it's still good and costs less. If you like rich, bold flavor, but are looking to save money at the grocery store, French Roast may be a good alternative to the very good, but pricier Columbian, also by Maxwell House.

Rating:4 out of 5

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