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Maxi-Matic EHC 900 Elite Cuisine 4-Cup Percolator White Compact Heat Resistant Design

Enjoy up to four cups of freshly brewed coffee with the EC-900 percolator from Elite. This machine has a compact design that is ideal for the space-hungry kitchen counter. It can also be brought along on your travels for you to enjoy your personal brewed coffee even when you are not at home. The machine has a twist lock feature that minimizes unwanted spills.

Interior Features
  • The percolator works on 450 watts and is able to brew four cups of coffee or tea. The cover utilizes a twist lock design that keeps the liquid inside the chamber in order to prevent unnecessary spills. It also has a spout in order to facilitate serving.
  • You will be sure to enjoy this device as it allows the aroma of your coffee or tea to spread around the room, creating anticipation for the first freshly brewed cup of coffee. Coffee grounds or tea leaves can be used in this machine.

    Exterior Features

  • The percolator has a compact design that does not take up much space. The cover ensures less spills and the material is heat resistant and durable. It does not dent and even comes in a white finish with a small embellishment that gives it an elegant look.
  • The percolator’s design allows it to be packed and taken anywhere with ease. The percolator is made out of durable polyprolene that will last a long time. The material is also heat resistant which allows the user to hold the machine even when the liquid inside is hot.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 7 x 5.5 inches
    Total volume: four cups


    The design is compact and allows the user to place it in a narrow countertop. The design also allows it to be packed and is ideal for travelling. It brews just the right amount of coffee for a single person or to share with another. The design also has a sleek attractive design that is made out of heat resistant materials. It also uses 450 Watts in order for the water to heat easily, allowing the user to have more convenience. The machine boils water fast and the coffee or tea can be ready in a short time.


    Customers often complain about the durability of the material. Some say that it is only ideal for travelling and not for long term use in the kitchen. The machine does not last for more than a year especially if it is constantly used. Although the machine is cheaper than other models, the user may spend more in the end because he or she will have to constantly buy replacement products.


  • light weight and compact
  • brews coffee and tea
  • can be taken on trips
  • boils water fast
  • ideal for single person
  • elegant design
  • uses 450 watts
  • twist lock design
  • prevents accidental spills


  • cannot be used for long term
  • can only produce four cups
  • not durable

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