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Mars Flavia Creation 400 Coffee Brewer

Following in the footsteps of its smaller brother, the Flavia Creation 200, the Flavia Creation 400 is a beast of a coffeemaker than can do more than just brew a good cup of coffee.

Staying true to the Flavia tradition, this single-serve beverage brewer can make a hot cup of coffee, tea, chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more.

What sets this beverage maker apart from the rest, however, is that it is designed to handle beverage brewing for large offices with over 50 or even 100 people.

Key features

- The ergonomic shape and design of the Creation 400 make for a great style that will fit in practically any office. It's design has a classic retro feel, mixed with modern aesthetics to give it a unique and attractive look.
- Like many of the other Flavia-branded models in the market, the Creation 400 can handle brewing various flavors and types of drinks, including coffee, tea, chocolate, latte, cappuccino, and espresso.
- New type of controls and control design that helps to make it easy to use. The LCD screen provides all the information you need, such as the brewing options, current brewing process, and other useful information in a slick graphical user interface.
- The machine has seven-button controls right on the front of the machine, where they are easy to reach. The buttons are situated around the LCD, and the LCD displays the function for the buttons.
- The Creation 200 has a new drink delivery system that helps to give high quality blends at high temperatures every time. You can now select the size and strength of the brew.
- The reservoir has a hot tank system that keeps the water hot and it only takes 50 seconds to get your perfectly-brewed beverage.


The main advantage of the Flavia Creation 400 is that it is capable of handling heavy-duty beverage dispensing that is suitable for large offices or anywhere with more than 50 coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinkers.

Another advantage is that you no longer have to get various devices or appliances to handle the brewing of these hot beverages, as this one machine can handle most of your needs.

The LCD and controls make it extremely easy to use, because the machine is more interactive and, overall, just more fun to use. With its small form factor, this powerful beverage machine is only under 17 inches in height, with a smaller footprint, and a lighter weight.


The main disadvantage of the Flavia Creation 400, like many of the other Flavia brewing machines, is that it makes use of flavor packs and flavor packs only. Some people may not like the flavors that are provided by Flavia, and if you are one of those people, you should consider getting a different machine.

Another problem is that it may take a while for the machine to dispense beverages, especially considering that you have to use a new flavor pack for each cup. This can seriously slow down office production if people are lining up one after the other just to get their coffee or tea.

- Sleek design
- Nice LCD interface and button controls
- Water stays hot
- Can make many different flavors
- Can handle brewing tasks for an office of more than 50 people

- Only uses flavor packs from Flavia
- Can take long to brew
- Not very efficient considering each flavor pack creates more trash

Comments for Mars Flavia Creation 400 Coffee Brewer

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by: Sandra E. Sirois

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Feb 12, 2012
Not ideal.
by: Apartment life

Our apartment complex was using the old two thermos type coffee "pots" every morning with pump action and flavored creamers, plus sugars and what-not at the brewing station. Old school, very simple, pump as much coffee as you want. But no tea or hot chocolate. The flavia solved those last two problems, but the individual packets take some getting used to. Whatever setting is preprogrammed into the machine is for about 2/3 of a normal mug. I drink a lot of coffee so for me it's worse than the old method since I can't ever get a full inone try. We've had the machine about a week and already it's broken once and now all the hot chocolate packets are gone (don't know if those two are related). It's quiet but also messy, with droplets getting thrown around the mug (the dispensing isn't just one stream, it's several). It works, but its not ideal.

Jun 11, 2011
This is the best!
by: OVen

If one makes a frothy drink, there will be froth. It is only considerate for a user to wipe down the mess they make when making their coffee. If it's really messy, it sounds like the wrong cup platform is being used, and allows too much of a gap between the flavor pack and the top of the cup.

This thing makes any kind of coffee drink you might like. We like the latte variety and it makes them just as though we went to Starbucks - for about 1/6 the price!

Flavia has so many different varieties of coffee and tea, it is mind-boggling that someone would claim they can't find one they like.

For someone who wants the convenience of being able to make a high-quality individual cup of coffee - instantly - no waiting, this is the machine for you. It's better than having one of the $4,000 Miele units or equivalent.

Really, once you try one of these Flavia things, you will have to have one yourself.

Mar 16, 2011
Lots of options - mediocre results - maintenance required
by: Anonymous

We had a Keurig system in the office that made an OK cup of coffee. Stayed pretty clean.

The new Flavia system has lots of options, but the coffee flavor doesn't seem as good. The machine needs cleaning that just doesn't happen in the office.

The Flavia system can produce frothed milk drinks that leaves a residue above the dispenser area that seems unsanitary.

Mar 19, 2010
Reviewing the Wrong Machine
by: Anonymous

This is a High End office machine, not a Home machine.

If you are looking for FLAVIA's Home machine that would be either the Flavia Fusion or Fusion Deluxe.

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