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Maestro Solis Grinder

I've had this burr grinder for several years and am pretty happy with the value. It cost around 100 dollars, which is inexpensive for a burr grinder. Burr grinders are a must for anyone that makes their own espresso. As I also roast my own coffee from green beans, I also appreciate the burr grinder as it makes superior grounds for French press or convention filter (Chemex) brewing.

The grinder has a timer as well as a quick grind button. I've found I never use the button, and wish the timer had a longer setting. Now when I grind over 6 cups worth of coffee, I have to re-engage the timer to get a long enough grind cycle. Again, all in all, great value for a burr grinder

- Burr grinder for even grounds from course to espresso powder
- Replaceable bottom grinder element part for when the blades get dull.

- Can only replace one of two grinder elements (the bottom one) so it really doesn't work as good as new
- Had order and insert a (free) part to keep grinds from building up around the mechanism. Works fine, but it was a nuisance

4 out of 5

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