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Lavazza Espresso Machine

by Jaimee Bartlett
(Boston, MA)

Lavazza Espresso Machine

Lavazza Espresso Machine

This machine is perfect for the home or office! A former company I worked for had the Lavazza machine in the break room for the employees. As a ?coffee-aholic?, the idea that a delicious cup of coffee or espresso was just a walk away, made my work day much more enjoyable! In fact, most of my co-workers joked they would get me my own private machine for my cubicle and I couldn?t argue with that idea!

After leaving the company, I introduced the Lavazza machine to my father (also a ?coffee-aholic?) and suggested one for his small business. Once again, the machine is a huge hit and loved by all of his employees (including me!). With six busy children at home, he is now thinking of buying one for the house as well. It?s perfect for ?on the go? in the morning and for hosting family events.

What's great about the machine is that it could not be more convenient! It makes single servings of espresso and cappuccinos. You may even add a double shot espresso for those late afternoon "boosts", which we all need come Friday afternoon! The coffee is fresh, easy to use, and at a convenient price. Can it get any better than that?

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