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Krups XP4050 Programmable Espresso Machine

by Tracey

$Krups XP4050
Programmable Espresso Machine

Our machine, the Krups XP4050, was a Christmas present from a friend. It lasted a little over a year and then stopped working entirely. It's a shame because while it worked, we got a lot of use out of it.

The Krups XP4050 is an automatic pump machine that delivers one or two shots of espresso. It's got a steam wand to the side that will steam or deliver hot water for tea. Nice features of the machine include a larger than average water reservoir, a tray on top for keeping cups, and a large pull out drip tray.

The machine is easy to clean and care for. Stainless steel wipes easily, pulling out the drip tray isn't a messy event, and keeping the inner workings clean with solution is easy, as all you need to do is substitute solution in the water reservoir and then run it through.

Major problems with the machine in daily use have to do with leakage. When you use it, a small amount of water leaks from somewhere in the machine down into the drip tray. What made it worse is that we found that over time, the back wall of the drip tray warped. So each time we used the machine, water would leak out uncollected and if not noticed, swamp the counter top. Also, the drip tray became hard to remove and had to be done gently or the water level would pop off.

Eventually what happened was the electrical sensors went haywire. The machine would start up on its own any time of day or night and the lights would blink on and off. That went from an occasional quirk to constant over the course of about a month. And then the programs just wouldn't run at all - nothing but blinking lights.

We've had espresso machines before, and none really lasted more than 18 months or so. I tend to take "cheap" espresso machines with a grain of salt - anything less than $500 or so is eventually going to wind up on the trash heap. I would not buy Krups again, however. Looking at the list price, this machine cost way too much for the value we got from it. Other brands like Delonghi have a better reputation as serious espresso machine makers and even their little manual machines last longer - my father in law's $99 Delonghi has been going strong for 3 years now. Krups should stick to coffee pots.

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