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Krups XP2010


Krups XP2010
Combination Coffee & Espresso Machine

I was given this coffee maker as a gift (bought from Bed Bath and Beyond) and as a foodie and former restaurant owner I was skeptical of ALL counter top coffee makers that offered an espresso option.

Color me surprised when I got a good cup of espresso from it!!! Did it take some experimenting with grind, roast and tamping to get MY perfect cup - of course, but the same can be said for all machines.

I was impressed with the 15 bar pressure but would have enjoyed a gague to monitor the pressure when making multiple cups (I am have never been trusting of lights)

The foam/steam capacity also takes some experimenting but its worth it to play as you get a surprisingly good result with some practice and patience!

All in all, a good, solid counter top machine that I am now happy to say I own and that keeps me sufficiently caffeinated to maintain adequate social skills!

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Apr 14, 2009
Multipurpose, gorgeous looking and makes delectable coffee
by: Anonymous

I finally found the coffee maker that is perfect for my avant-garde home. It was Krups XP2010 model coffee, cappuccino, espresso and latte maker. The Krups espresso is simply one of the finest in its category, multipurpose, gorgeous looking and makes delectable coffee. It has always fascinated our guests and the coffee is very appetizing. We found it so good that we purchased another espresso of the same model for our office.

Warranty period of the black-colored, stainless steel finish Krups espresso coffee maker is for one year, though I never faced any repairs after I purchased the machine. The coffee maker weighs merely over eight kilograms and its magnitude is 13.5 length 11.5 width and 12.5 inches height.

The Krups XP2010 coffee maker doubly operates as a drip coffee maker cum espresso appliance. I like the enormous size control buttons that instantly toggles between lathering (froth) and espresso. The best feature in the Krups Espresso XP2010 model coffee maker is the rapid speed of heating that attains the maximum temperature within a few minutes.

The husks in the coffee powder are filtered promptly and after cleaning, a small basket is available in the lid to store the filter. A decanter up to 10 cup capacity is an additional plus-point of the Krups dual coffee maker XP2010. Anti-drip water reservoir is removable with crystal-clear water level marker.

The thermo-block heater ensures regular supply of hot coffee. At a time, in espresso mode, I can prepare 25 cups of coffee. The front part of the coffee maker is of stainless steel finish that looks beautiful in my kitchen. When I need to heat the coffee, the warming tray comes in handy.

I am an ardent fan of coffee and generally drink more than ten cups in a day. The Krups espresso coffee maker makes boiling, garden-fresh and tasty coffee. I found the Krups coffee maker to be of excellent quality and its purchase cost was very cheap. We patronize regular parties in our house and so this coffee maker suits my family.

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