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Krups type 137G

by Alice

I bought my coffee maker five or six years ago at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I appreciate it more and more each year. The Krups 137G is totally reliable, simple, and makes good coffee.

It does come with one of those gold filters but someone always ends up throwing it out so I’ve stopped replacing them and use the paper filters.

I have used other coffee makers that are okay but I don’t love them. I’ve used the Senseo, which I personally think sucks.

I’ve had the coffee that used the vacuum-sealed filtered cups and it just seems really wasteful to me to have to keep throwing those little plastic containers out every time someone wanted coffee…plus, what if you have guests, a full pot is better.

My mother-in-law has a thermal Krup coffee maker, which is great except they’re expensive, and it just doesn’t seem worth the money to me. Of course I’ve also used the Mr.

Coffee machine but I kept breaking the carafe (4 times) and when I poured I would always have spills.

For a reliable, reasonably priced coffee maker that makes good coffee, the Krups is the way to go.

Mine is an older version so it only has an on/off button, the time, and automatic (which we never use).

It’s perfect. The carafe is totally cleanable, scrubbable, with dishwashing soap and sponge and I clean the outside of the coffee maker with 409 or Windex.

For those who want a simple coffee maker without a lot of fuss but upgraded from a Mr. Coffee, the Krups is really good.

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