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Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto

by Bron
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Nescafe Dolce Gusto
Single Serve Coffee Machines

My fiancé and I purchased our Krups Dolce Gusto after using the one in Sur La Table here in Santa Monica, CA. We both love “fancy” coffee drinks, but we’re trying to find ways to cut costs so we were considering an espresso-type machine.

The real draw with this machine was the price - $169.95 though I did my homework and found a 20% off coupon that brought it down to $135.96! The cost of the coffee pods is very reasonable – around $8.00 for 16 (some drinks require a milk and coffee pod, making those around $1 a cup.) You can purchase the pods at Bed Bath and Beyond, Sur La Table, and the Krups website, meaning no waiting for weeks to get more if you’re having a party and want a lot on hand!

Despite the lure of the low price, I didn’t want to have to replace a cheap or faulty machine after a few months, so I looked for reviews online. A few people had problems with hard water build up in their machines, but Krups sells a scale remover on their website you can use to prevent this. Other than that, reviews were good (if few and far between!) so we took the plunge and bought one. We love this little machine!

I can make a morning cappuccino (only 90 calories too!) in about 60 seconds, and a cup of decaf in the evenings in even less time. Needless to say, speed isn’t everything – the coffee is also very good. I never thought I’d like the frothed milk from the pods, but I’ve come to prefer it, and I don’t think I’ve set foot in a Peet’s coffee in over a month.

This thing is great for parties too, or overnight guests. Everyone can make the drink they prefer, with no mess. When my parents came to visit us, they were able to figure out the machine very easily, despite not being very computer savvy. After two months of ownership, I can honestly say this is one of the best purchases I ever made!

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Aug 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I bought 2 of these today - not because I loved them, but because neither of them would draw water. Luckily, I bought them at Sur la Table and they are gracious in taking returns. I am embarrassed to have jumped on to the coffee capsule machine band wagon. I love coffee from a French Press. So easy. And from what I've read, the capsule coffee is so-so, at best.

I'd like to say that you get what you pay for, but you can get a French Press for $30. Heat the water, pour it in, best coffee ever...and it will work for years and years!

Jun 28, 2011
Love me DG Creativa
by: Bekka

I've owned 1 Braun, and subsequently 2 Bosch Tass, and was a T snob to the core. I know people rave about the T-coffees, but it no longer does it for me; especially after the loss of Starbucks, and the very poor CS. It was just time for me to end the relationship. I decided to do a lot of internet research, and frankly I was about to give up on the thought of a specialty single serve coffee brewer altogether. In regard to Dolce Gusto the feedback and brewer comparisons are relatively scarse. I'll admit I had a lot of buyer's second thoughts after I impulsively clicked on the sale of a DG Creativa, but decided to at least give it a chance. I could always return it. I am so glad I gave the DG a chance!!!! I am able to whip up a Latte or Cap that tastes just as good, if not better, than a coffee house. Hands down if I ask company which cap or latte they prefer, the T or the DG, DG wins every time. The froth is so much thicker and tastier, and the full brew is amazingly good. There may be fewer choices, but looking at the number of fans growing every day on Facebook, one would think Nescafe will capitalize by expanding their excellent brews. There is a definite market here in the USA for specialty single serve brewers. The DG capsules are much easier for me to find locally in comparison to the T-discs of yester-year. I'm finding a great selection of DG capsules in my local grocery stores, as well as the usual BB&B & Walmarts. As far as the Krups brewers go, I love the sleek look of my Creativa brewer. It gets a lot of compliments; and its easy to clean and use. The parts are not flimsy, and on the DG Creativa there is no lever. This model makes the perfect brew with the touch of a button. All the intelligence is in the head of the DG machine where it belongs. I know this is a lengthy post, but the DG richly deserves the highest praise; both for the machine and the quality of brews you can drink. If DG expands on more coffee choices, DG would rocket in to first place in the single serve world.

May 01, 2011
One more...
by: Sheryl

Dec 26, 2010 Mild capsules are sweetened by: Daisy

The milk capsule is MILDLY sweetened. The only way you'd even notice it is if you drank ONLY the milk.

I have people over all the time who drink my DG's Lattes and Cappuccinos. Many of them never sweeten their coffee. Not ONE of them have complained or even mentioned it.

I've also had some people take a look at the creamy color, take a sip, and then ASK me for sugar or a sweetener!

May 01, 2011
as a DG OWNER - some comments here are fake!
by: Sheryl

I have purchased FIVE dulce Gusto machines. I have 2, and bought 3 as gifts b/c people loved mine. I got the 1st one in Oct 2009 & haven't had problems with any of them!

Consequently, I was REALLY surprised when I read some of these comments. They HAVE to be fakes, perhaps written by a competitor to steer people away(disgusting!). I pointed out WHY I know they are fake below.
1. Mar 18, 2011 "very disappointed" by: Steve
Steve says that the coffee comes out cold, and he has to fill the tank long in advance of "brewing". Um, Steve, this coffee doesn't BREW. It has thermoblock technology, and dispenses the water instantly at near boiling temps!

2. Mar 25, 2010 "overpriced" by: Steve H.
Sorry, Steve H. There are NO buttons at all! Also, there is no "lid" on it either, so the screeching & bending comment is obviously a lie. The Lungo is VERY strong! Since YOU control the amt of water to put in, the only way it will be "watery" is if you put dbl or triple the amt of water instead of the usual 8oz.

3. Mar 31, 2009 "The lever broke on the second day of use" by: Cynthia
I bought a DG the 1st year they came out & every year since as gifts. The levers have always been METAL, NOT plastic. I can't imagine how you could break it unless you used a hammer!

4. Feb 02, 2011 Krups leaking machine by: Anonymous
There IS no "work surface", so I'm not sure how it could leak on to it. Leaking IS possible if you don't push in the capsule drawer all the way. It's something you'd recognize immediately & wouldn't do more than once!

Mar 18, 2011
very disappointed
by: Steve

Worked good when I first got it, although found the coffee a little cold. Found I had to fill the tank long in advance of brewing to let the water come to room temp. I had it 3 months and went to make a brew but found it was so slow that I gave up. I descaled it as per the instructions but that didn't help. Oh well it will make a good door stop I guess :(

Feb 02, 2011
Krups leaking machine
by: Anonymous

Love the taste of the coffee but after 18 months the machine has started to leak all over the work surface - looking at the comments on the web I am not alone

Dec 26, 2010
Mild capsules are sweetened
by: Daisy

Although the machine is easy to use, I was surprised that the capuccinos and lates are pre-sweetened. I drink mine unsweetened, and some of my firends prefer unsweetened or with Splenda. Why would they add sugar to the milk capsule? For me that was a durn-off. I had to return the machine. Maybe they will come up with an unsweetend version.

Mar 25, 2010
by: Steve H.

OK, it's very easy to use,only two buttons to operate, it looks nice, but that's it, it's still made of plastic and when you open the lid it screaches and bends like it will collapse, and for the money it costs, the coffee it makes is lousy. I drink espresso only and that was the reason to buy this machine, but the espresso it makes is nowhere near that you get from starbux or other coffee shops. Watery, lukeworm, and tastless, that't what it is and don't even think of buying the Lungo, it's worse than a cheap drip coffee from a gas station.

Other people like the capucchino it makes, and although it looks good in the glass cup, again it doesn't taste good because it has the same espresso I just described in it. The main reason I think is because it cannot heat the water enough, it comes out a bit hotter than room temperature, although you see vapor as it comes out, as soon as you taste it, it's just lukewarm !!
Last but not least, the rebate form thing turned out to be bogus too, I called them twice and even they confirmed that they have me in their files, no check was ever received.

So, if you're somebody who doesn't mind spending $150 on a machine that makes cheap coffee, look no further.

Jan 06, 2010
Lever Broke, but Awesome Customer Service
by: Anonymous

I received my machine yesterday and the lever broke when I was setting it up. However, when I called the Nescafe customer service, they were very polite and apologetic about the defective machine. As noted in the other broken lever review, I will have to send the machine back to Krups for replacement, BUT Nescafe is picking up the shipping charges. I also ended up speaking to the Krups customer service area and they were equally polite and helpful.

Bottom line- perhaps I just got a defective machine, but it's being made right, and with no hassles whatsoever. I hope the wonderful customer service continues and that I have a functional Dulce Gusto machine in a couple weeks.

Apr 22, 2009
Convenience and a high standard of coffee
by: Stuart

The Dolce Gusto is a pod coffee machine using proprietary pods produced by Nescafe. For those not familiar with pod coffee, instead of weighing or measuring and then disposing of set amounts of ground coffee, the coffee itself is supplied in sealed pods which are inserted hassle free into the machine. With the Dolce Gusto, the milk component of drinks such as Lattes and Cappuccinos is also supplied in pod form.

Krups is a European producer of domestic hardware, and has particularly been noted for its high end coffee machines over recent years. Always excellently designed and realised, people can be found singing the praises of Krups coffee machines all over the world. The Dolce Gusto is something of a foray into the budget coffee machine world.

As you may expect from a Krups product, the styling of the Dolce Gusto is contemporary and elegant, if a little unlike your typical coffee machine. And whilst here isn?t the forum to enter into the debate of pod vs. ground coffee, I will happily testify that the results are excellent ? the Nescafe pods produce coffee with a complex backbone and a rich, room-filling aroma. Pods currently available are the espresso (excellent, with a consistent, dense crema), café lungo, latte macchiato, cappuccino, mocha and hot chocolate.

The machine is simple to fill with tap water from any domestic supply, and is virtually maintenance free. The spout can simply be rinsed under running water, and the only cleaning task is the drip tray.

On balance, I would heartily recommend the Dolce Gusto - ideal for those consumers who value convenience, but demand a decent standard of coffee. In my experience, results exceed those produced by similar pod systems such as Tassimo and Senseo.

Mar 31, 2009
The lever broke on the second day of use
by: Cynthia

I was given this machine by my wonderful sister-in-law. The second day of use the lever broke. The lever is made of plastic and as it is a movable part, cannot be superglued. When I called to see what I could do without a receipt even though I had the serial registration numbers for the products, the answer was that I would need send back the product by mail on my dime. This lever is defective and the service by Nestle was sub par-- They should have found a way to send a substitute part.

Whatever. From what I can see this is too expensive of a machine to have plastic parts for levers....

I would not recommend.

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