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Krups Moka Brew F468 8 cup coffee maker

Krups? specialty machine model, the F468 is also known as the Moka Brew Coffee Maker. It utilizes the natural pressure of steam to bring out the coffee?s total flavor. What comes out is Italian-style prepared coffee. Its main features include an 8-cup capacity, an aroma-saving filter, 100 paper filters, and a safety latch to secure the carafe.

Key features

- On and off switch is visible thanks to the illumination option.
- This model has an aroma-saving filter.
- The 8-cup capacity is good for a family who has plenty of coffee-drinking members.
- The water reservoir is easy to use.
- The heating element is made of stainless steel.
- The Moka brewing system releases the coffee?s complete flavor.
- The carafe is secure.
- The black color goes well with any kitchen design.
- This coffee maker boasts an 800-watt power voltage.


Coffee lovers will be enthralled with the dark and rich blends of its Italian style brewing process. It?s an investment for anyone who enjoys ?authentic?, naturally made coffee that brings out all the beans? organic flavors. It?s a practical alternative to buying coffee from Starbucks or other expensive on-the-go caffeine brands.

The model?s weight is not too heavy, weighing about 6.5 lbs. Most purchases come with a one year warranty. Cleaning only requires the use of mild soap and water. The filter used is paper, coming with 100 pieces for each purchase.


The model doesn?t come with a removable water tank or built-in grinder. This may be a problem for some with specific coffee brewing needs. There?s also no cup warming plate, an extra addition you?d expect with its high price.

The F468 focuses more on making your coffee and doesn?t include convenient features such as cord storage, strength settings, a pause-and-serve function, or timer. If you?re looking for a model with programmed schedule features, then this model isn?t for you.

- Strong and rich-tasting coffee
- Elegant and modern design
- Reasonably priced considering the quality of coffee made
- Very easy to figure out operation-wise
- Simple to use and doesn?t involve difficult cleaning processes
- Value for your money compared to other more complicated and high-priced models
- You won?t have to buy overpriced coffee outside with the quality this machine brews
- A good option compared to drip design coffee machines
- Uses the same technology as high-end coffee shops

- Brewing may take some time, not suitable for someone who needs their coffee as soon as possible in the morning
- Filter design is inefficient and cannot be cleaned properly
- Sometimes makes a mess and could be an inconvenience to those unable to use it properly
- Fire hazard as steam tends to surround the whole unit during brewing
- Filters are so specialized they are hard to find and come at expensive prices

Reviews for this model vary. There is no definite answer if the F468 model is a sure buy or not. Some have no complaints while others have experienced specific difficulties. Choose to buy this model carefully based on your coffee needs and drip machine expectations.

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