Krups km7000
Coffee Maker Review

For those of you that love coffee, you will love the Special km7000 too. It is a 1000 watt programmable, grind and brew coffee machine that can make up to ten cups of delicious coffee at a time.

Having a grinder allows for fresh beans to be the source of your coffee – the beans in one end and dark liquid coffee out of the other!

For your convenience, there are three different settings that allow you to choose how strong you would like your coffee to be – strong, medium or light.

The manufacturers have mastered the art of these machines and know exactly what every coffee lover needs in a good cup of coffee, but let us rather take a look at what some customers had to say about their Special km 7000 machine.

Krups km7000 Pros

First, it is constructed well – nothing seems to be falling apart just yet, all handles, lids and buttons seem to be perfectly in place.

It is extremely easy to use – the setting up and the programming are not complicated and take a few seconds to do, the cleaning process is just as easy and possibly the best pro of the machine.

There aren’t lots of different attachments that need to be separately cleaned and that is wonderful!

Others have reported that what they liked best about the product is the little noise it made and its appearance.

Virtually no noise comes from the machine when you are brewing coffee and that is also great as some other brewers make such a noise you have to talk loud when you are trying to think!

The appearance is professional and just by looking at the Special km7000, you can tell that it is a quality machine.

It may be a little big but it needs all that space to make you delicious coffee! They also said that the space wasn’t a problem because it added to the quality look of the machine.

The function of the Special km7000 is just as great as the rest of the features, everything is contained and where it should be. Nothing needs to be jiggled or wiggled so it can fit in its place.

Some people also said that they had coffee grounds all over their counter, but others say they did not experience this at all, while others had a grain or two that they simply wiped off.

Krups km7000 Cons

A few of the cons this machine has is that the hopper is too small, an opaque hopper would be better or an airtight hopper with a vent. Interchangeable or freezable hoppers would also be more convenient for the user.

It should have less plastic, but rather more of it made from aluminum and stainless steel. A warming plate would also be nice for your mug so that the mug can be pre-warmed.

Hooking a water purifier to the machine would be very convenient, but of course, this is not a problem, just a suggestion that could be taken into consideration.

Krups KM7000 Specs


 brews upto 10 cups of coffee
 5 grind levels
 3 coffee strength settings
 brew pause option
 water filtration
 option to brew small amounts
height - 15 1/2 inches
width - 11 1/8 inches
depth - 11 1/2 inches
weight - 8.5 lbs
 backlit LCD display
coffee to water ratio control
10 cup glass carafe
auto shut off

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