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Krups KM4065

by Ed

For years I had been a fan of Krups coffee makers and have owned several. The last one died after 10 years and was replaced with the KM4065. The 4065 does make good coffee; however, Krups designers chose appearance over function.

1. The damped lid opener was a waste of time. The lid release, button mechanism just failed, thus requiring one to now pry the lid open. Forget leaving the lid unlatched, since the valve on the basket remains closed, even with the carafe in place. The basket overflows dumping coffee on the counter.

2. The water level indicator also is worthless as many have cited above.

3. The reservoir opening is much too small, resulting in water spilled on the counter with every fill.

4. The shower head approach for dripping hot water was also an ill thought out design. The head is not easily removed and becomes crusted with coffee grounds due to splash up with every pot. Who knows what's growing inside the head... maybe that's what makes the coffee taste good?

5. The teflon coating on the heater plate all but flaked off within a year. The rusty brown plate goes well with the gray/stainless exterior finish. Perhaps Krups designers should have used the stainless steel accents, for the heater plate so it wouldn't rust after the teflon wore off.

6. As cited by others, my 4065 also likes to drip water both on the coffee grounds and the counter while brewing.

7. The carafe design was also ill thought out, as others have mentioned. Aside from the mop up effort required after pouring each cup of coffee, the lid design also vents steam onto ones hand when pouring hot coffee from the carafe.

8. The power button is poorly designed as well. One might believe that the large button would be reliable... it's not. If the button is not pressed directly at its center, the unit fails to turn on. If in a hurry and not checking to see if the button actually illuminates, I frequently return to the 4065 expecting freshly brewed coffee, only to discover that the unit is still off.

9. What's most disheartening about the 4065 is that Krups has expanded the line and apparently failed to heed customer complaints regarding their miserable design.

10. I would only recommend purchasing a 4065 series unit, if you have a remodeled kitchen, desire an Avant-garde looking coffee maker, and never plan to use it!

After 20 years of purchasing only Krups coffee makers, even if more expensive, after the 4065, no more Krups makers for my house.

A former good Krups customer.

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