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Krups KM406 Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker

by syma
(albany, ny)

Pros...Made delicious coffee for the short 14 months that it worked. Then it just died. Strudy pot, low profile, attractive.

Cons...Lots...Not worth $100 for that short a time period.

Has some significant design flaws. Seems though they designed it for someone with a butler that was hired to do nothing other than make coffee. Difficult to read the cup measurement and numbers wore off after 12 months. Hard to fill water area because it spills out onto the burner unless you are very careful. Also, major burst of steam at the end of the cycle necessitates moving it away from cabinets or it will destroy the finish. Some minor leakage of water from the bottom when brewing but not a lot.

I've owned nothing but Krups for over 20 years but this model has ended that.

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