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KRUPS GX4100 GX Series Coffee Grinder

Stainless Steel with Black Accents Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder  3 Ounces 140 Watt with Fineness Control

Stainless Steel with Black Accents Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder 3 Ounces 140 Watt with Fineness Control

For coffee lovers who want a practical appliance, the KRUPS GX4100 is a great coffee grinder option. Not only does this particular coffee grinder produces finely textured coffee from coarse coffee beans in no time but it also minces herbs and spices with no problem. The double role can also result to a different blend of coffee.

Interior Features
  • The KRUPS GX4100 is not only a coffee grinder but it is also a spice and herb grinder. Given the additional feature, this coffee grinder can help the owner save some money by using one appliance to perform the functions of two. The ability to mince spices may also be used by coffee flavor experimenters.
  • The sharp, powerful stainless steel blades are able to chop herbs and spices easily. The coffee grinder can then be used as a means to prepare ingredients for cooking.
  • Because the blades are strong, the storage large enough, and the operation is fast, the coffee grinder can ground up to 3 ounces of coffee beans at a time. This can save a lot of time when preparing coffee for a large group of people.
  • The coffee grinder is also equipped with a pulse action button, which controls the grinding speed and force used on the beans. This controls the fineness or coarseness of the resulting coffee.

    Exterior Features

  • The KRUPS GX4100 has an attractive stainless steel housing with black trimmings. The color combination should help the appliance fit into most kitchens. The coffee grinder is attractive without taking over the kitchen’s look.
  • The safety lock lid ensures that the coffee grinder will only operate when it is close. So, there is no chance of steaming hot beans or liquid escaping during grinding.

    Dimension Specifications

    Length: 4 ½ inches
    Width: 3 ½ inches
    Height: 7 ¼ inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 3 ounces
    Weight: 2.2 pounds


  • The fineness and coarseness of the coffee is easily controlled by an action pulse button. The user will feel as if he or she is really in charge of just what type of coffee will be produced by using the coffee grinder.
  • The coffee grinder doubles as a herbs and spices grinder. This means that even non-coffee lovers can enjoy using the appliance to prepare ingredients for a meal. The coffee grinder’s double life helps the owner save the money. The affordable price is a bonus.
  • With a large storage and powerful, efficient blades, the coffee grinder can produce as much as 3 ounces of coffee every time.
  • The coffee grinder is attractive to look at. It would not look distasteful even if left on the kitchen countertop if there is no other storage space for it.


  • There have been complaints about short life and a difficult to handle plastic lid.
  • The coffee grinder makes use of a lot of power, at 140 watts.


  • controlled fineness or coarseness in coffee texture
  • can be used to mince herbs and spices
  • attractive frame
  • fast, efficient operation
  • powerful blades
  • affordable price


  • power guzzler
  • short life
  • difficult to handle plastic lid

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