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KRUPS GVX2 GVX Series Black Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

12 Cups Low Heat 17 Grind Options

12 Cups Low Heat 17 Grind Options

Like other coffee grinders in the GVX Series, the KRUPS GVX2 operates in minimal heat, preserving the natural aroma and taste of the coffee. The coffee grinder can serve delicious coffee up to 12 cups. There are also 17 fineness and coarseness settings to choose from.

Interior Features
  • The KRUPS GVX2 can produce two to 12 cups of steaming, delicious coffee. The flexibility in the number of cups is good for practical reasons. While a coffee grinder owner wants an appliance that can produce as many cups as possible, the said appliance must also be compatible with quiet times drinking alone or with just one other person.
  • With 17 grinding options to choose from, the coffee grinder owner is given the choice of extreme coarseness to superb fineness, and everything in between, to cater for all sorts of tastes and preferences.
  • The bean hopper can store up to 200 grams of coffee beans. The grinder can then double as storage. Also, with such a feature, there is no need to keep on putting in coffee beans every time they have to be grounded into coffee.
  • The coffee grinder operates in minimal heat. The burr milling system is responsible for this particular characteristic. Because the grinder does not overheat, the aroma of the coffee is preserved.

    Exterior Features

  • The burr is removable so that it can be easily cleaned. Other parts of the coffee grinder are easy to clean as well. A cleaning brush designed especially for the grinder is included.
  • The coffee grinder is encased in a shiny, black frame. The look is attractive and modern. The most important thing about it is that it can suit any type of kitchen.
  • The lids of the bean hopper and the coffee container should both be properly sealed before the grinder can operate. This is a safety feature.
  • The on/off switch is illuminated in blue.

    Dimension Specifications

    Volume/Number of Cups: 2 to 12 cups


  • With 17 grinding options to choose from, users with different tastes can have their favorite cup of coffee beverage. There is no need to buy a couple of different coffee grinders to satisfy differing tastes.
  • There is an option to grind coffee beans good for as little as two cups or as many as 12 cups. The maximum should satisfy a small gathering while the minimum should be practical enough for one person or for a couple.
  • The coffee grinder is attractive and made of sturdy, attractive materials.
  • Coffee flavor and aroma are preserved through the use of minimal heat.


  • Some consumers complain of short life, which is the opposite of the product’s claims of having been made of sturdy materials.


  • a total of 17 grinding options
  • flexibility in number of cups prepared
  • preserved aroma and flavor
  • attractive
  • can fit into any kitchen counter corner
  • made of highly durable materials and components
  • uses minimal heat
  • parts are easy to clean and maintain
  • perfect for small groups of coffee drinkers


  • short product life

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