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Krups GVX2 Coffee Grinder

I have the black and stainless steel model. I use it exclusively for my espresso machine. Since it is a burr grinder, it does a more uniform grind of the beans unlike cheaper rotary units.

It's a solid unit that is heavy for it's size to me that's a big plus. It could have a few improvements though, I'm not exactly sure how airtight the top part that stores the beans is, so I just add beans as needed. And it is pretty loud, but that doesn't bother me, since I don't usually drink espresso early in the morning.

Overall it's great to use for any size grind you want. You may need to tweak your settings at first to end up with a prefect espresso grind that does not cause your machine or filter to clog up. I have a espresso machine with a double wall foaming filter, which seems to be known for clogging up.

I have had no issues, using grinds from my Krups GVX2, only great espresso. The amount of coffee grinds needed setting is great, to automatically give you consistent results. And the one touch button can't be simpler. The three controls are all you really need in a automated grinder.

It also has a safety features of not starting if you don't have the top part on, or the grinds catcher in. My use of this machine has helped my brew have the full benefit of the volatile essential oils from the beans. So start using whole beans today, and with this grinder, you can experience the full rewards of doing so.

5 out of 5

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Jun 23, 2011
a pain in the rear
by: Anonymous

Since we bought this machine a year ago it has been a pain. We have to stand and wait to hit it shake it or bang it when it is grinding. For some unknown reason the coffee beans just do not want to flow down into the grinder. We will never buy this product again or anything else made by this manufacture.
Just a frustrated coffee drinker

Mar 26, 2011
switch broke
by: Marty

After about a year of use the on/off button started sticking when pushed in and would not pop back out as it should and the grinder fails to start. Happens frequently and now have to stick a twist-tie into the narrow space around the switch and wiggle it around until it turns on. A real pain.
The coffee catch drawer has also started popping out before grinding is done. Now way to repair it since the unit is totally sealed off. Will not buy this model again although it does a nice job of grinding.

Mar 22, 2010
Krups GVX2 Burr Grinder
by: Anonymous

I've owned 2 of these machines.
I owned the the first for a month or so. To use it was a case of turn it on, bump it with your hand to get beans into the burr mechanism. Turn it off, shake it, turn it on again - and continue this until the grind was complete.
Then one day it decided it was finished.
The second unit was in my house for 16 hours, precisely the time the shop wasn't open. This unit did not fire a shot.
I paid the extra for a decent conical burr grinder of different parentage.
In my opinion the Krups factory reached its zenith with "Big Betha" in WW1.

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