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Krups GVX1-14 Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

People who love coffee soon learn that the only way to get great coffee is grind your own. I've gone through a few grinders but now I've found one that I truly love.

The Krups GVX1-14 burr mill grinder is a coffee lovers dream. It is capable of grinding fine enough to make a great cup of espresso, which you will never get from a blade style grinder and this grinder will actually measure just the right amount of coffee to grind.

The last thing I want to do when preparing my first cup of coffee in the morning is carefully measure spoonfuls of coffee beans. With the GVX1 I can just pour some beans in the hopper, set the number of cups I want to make and turn it on. The grinder will measure the correct amount of beans for me and shut itself off when it is done.

Krups even made the hopper airtight so the unused beans can be left in the hopper and will remain perfectly fresh to use the next day. The grinder has 17 fineness settings to allow you to adjust it exactly to your coffee maker and once its set it is perfectly consistent.

A little experimentation when you first get the grinder will get you a perfect cup from then on with absolutely no fuss. Krups engineering is a standard in kitchen appliances. I've had my grinder for three years and it is always reliable.

Cleanup is an absolute breeze as the mill is removable and they even give you a small brush to clean the hopper. I highly recommend the Krups GVX1-14.

4 out of 5

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