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Krups FNP112-42 Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte Maker

This Krupps Espresso Maker was something that I'm honestly glad that I bought. But, something is missing. A few months ago, my girlfriend made me a kickin’ cup of Espresso. She told me that she had a machine that practically made it for her. She told me it was a Krupps and wrote down all the information about it. I didn’t pay it any mind.

The following week I stood in line at Starbucks and paid about $3.50 for a espresso that wasn’t half as good as hers. I decided then and there to go pick up one of the Krupps Espresso Makers. I like the Krupps because it made the espresso really hot and really fast! I loved it. Plus, it really looked nice in my kitchen, with its design.

One the other hand, it only made 1 cup! I had a few friends over and had to make individual cups for each of them – I’m currently looking into one that can make more at one time. It was good, but it just took so long. Also, the froth was a little flat, I followed the directions, too. It made enough noise – I just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t frothy enough.

It definitely was a deal - $100 for the Krupps Espresso Maker or $17.50 a week for one at Starbucks. But, when I crave a nice frothy espresso every once in a while, I go to my girlfriend’s instead of to the Starbucks down the street. I’m still all about saving a dime.

- Can make espresso very hot and fast
- It look nice

- It can only make 1 cup
- The froth was a little flat

3 out of 5

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