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Krups FND1 Coffee Maker

This Krups coffee maker is the third simailar model that I have owned over a seven year period. It sees at least a daily usage, if not a twice daily usage. It's budget cost but relatively short life still that this series of machines overall represents fairly good value for money. The weakness that caused the previous models to fail was due to corrosion from the steam causing metal fatigue and debris that blocked the steam outlet directly above the coffee. Unfortunately it is not possible to clean this debris and the unit is sealed and this fact has not been fixed in this model. Some redesign has been made to improve the steam valve so now it is possible to shut off the steam to the coffee and direct it entirely to the milk frother, this is a substantial improvement and eliminates the need to insert a metal fitting to the coffee holder is only steam is required, for instance for making hot-chocolate.

Unfortunately in restyling the appearance of the unit the whole model has been enlarged and it is now more difficult to locate the coffee dispenser into the holder, however once located the seal is quick and easy to close. One problem identified that has never been fixed is that the plastic lid on the pyrex beaker always breaks after only a couple of weeks of use, so the lid now longer will stay on the beaker without being held during pouring. Mind-you for the price this is still a coffee maker model that I would certainly choose again once this one fails, I predict in another year's time(!)

- the coffee maker is cheap
- easy to use

- the coffee maker does not totally manual operation, no grinding of beans
- locating the coffee hopper into the inlet is difficult compared to previous models

Rating 4 out of 5

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